Dade or Broward nurses please Help!

  1. I have grown tired of corrections after a year. I am seeking a *GOOD 12 hour shift with a reputable facility. I prefer a 12 hour shift because I'd have more days off to study or attend to my family. If you can reccommend a facility then I would be very grateful or if you know of an agency that's offering good 12 hr shifts.

    *Good>>meaning low patient to nurse ratio, flexible scheduling, friendly staff.
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  3. by   jamminworld
    What area of nursing are you looking to get in?
  4. by   NurseguyFL
    Are you already in south Florida? If not, what area are you moving from and what type of nursing are you looking to get into? The answers to these questions are important. If you are moving from outside the state, as you may already know from reading other posts in the Florida thread, nursing in Florida can be quite challenging, and not necessarily in a good way. You said you are tired of corrections and that you are looking for a reputable facility. Well, there are lots of hospitals down here that are ALWAYS hiring nurses, but unless you intend to work in ICU you will likely be working with high patient ratios and with much older and sicker patients than you've probably had to deal with in corrections.

    As was mentioned, low-ratios in Florida is probably a 'never' unless you're working in the unit, and flexible scheduling is a hit or miss depending on the manager you're working for.