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I tried to do a search and there doesnt seem to be anyone that has gone to the nursing program at Concorde in Jacksonville. I was accepted into their Spetember class with the option of starting later... Read More

  1. by   Slayt
    Im a 2010 graduate of Concorde, and I do not reccomend it to anyone. The admissions dept is a bunch of used-car salesmen. The lying starts there and goes all the way to the top.
    Most nursing instructors lack professionalism. It is disorganized, chaotic, and overall a very low-class organization.
    Credits do not transfer to anywhere but expensive, online schools like UOP and Kaplan. I was told that the program was "fully accredited" and that it even "articulated with the BSN program at UNF" by the director. This is the same director that showed up to the Fl Board of Nursing meeting at the Hyatt downtown, wearing flip-flops, jagged, dirty toe nails and answered her cell phone twice during the meeting.
    The class I graduated with were some outstanding nurses, but not because of Concorde. The LPNs in the class helped teach what we needed, and we taught ourselves.
    It certainly is not worth the money. Concorde is known as the "single-wide of Fl's educational community," and with good reason.
  2. by   acidskye
    If you go to the website, (the department of health website) you can do a search for nclex pass rates and some options will come up can check and put in your county, if you want to check rn or pn program and it will show you all the schools and their retention rates and if they are accredited or approved ect. Its very very helpful!!