College of Central Florida

  1. Is anyone in the part time program or applying for the upcoming term?

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  3. by   CoffeeIsLife
    Yes! I will be applying for the part-time program at CF. I will keep a look out for JL in class ;-))
  4. by   wheresthealoha
    Awesome! Have you completed everything, including HESI?
  5. by   CoffeeIsLife
    I am scheduled to take the Hesi at the end of the month, that will give me just enough time to retake if I need to. I am in A&P2 now and will take Micro in the fall, other that I am ready!
    How about you...all ready?
  6. by   Cynt87
    Anyone knows what times the part time program is?
  7. by   CoffeeIsLife
    Cynt87.....I do not know. You could give the college a call. That would be the best way to get accurate information. I do know that the part-time option includes summer sessions though.
  8. by   wheresthealoha
    Did you take the HESI? I'm not apply until next year, I have4 more classes for pre-reqs.
  9. by   wheresthealoha
    Cynt87 -
    They have a schedule online to give you an idea. It usually runs 3 days a week.
  10. by   Cynt87
  11. by   CoffeeIsLife
    Quote from wheresthealoha
    Did you take the HESI? I'm not apply until next year, I have4 more classes for pre-reqs.
    Yes...I took the HESI. I was quite nervous about it! I studied for several weeks, math and grammar the most. I did not find the test very difficult. Brushing up on ratios, and sentence structure are a must. I have 1 pre-req left, and am scheduled for it in the fall. Good luck with the balance of your classes! 😄
  12. by   sarahamelia
    Hey everyone. What are the requirements to get accepted to CF? I currently attend Valencia college when there is a two year wait list does CF have a wait list? How difficult is it to get in I know many schools are extremely selective
  13. by   crazyarms777
    Hello Sarah, I put in a application for College of Central Florida for Spring 2014. Marion county residents get priority over other applicants. There is no wait list though. Honestly, if you do well on the HESI, have over a 3.0 and volunteer hours you should score enough points to get into the program.
  14. by   sarahamelia
    Thank you! Sadly I don't live within the county :/ I guess ill just have to keep looking thanks again for replying!