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  1. Does anyone know how much does the pay for a CNA or PCT starts in Florida.?
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  3. by   JeepDudeRN
    I live in Ocala, and I am making a little over $9 an hour. Home health or agencies pay more. Then there is weekend and shift differntial. I think most places are paying between $9-10/ hr. I am on the lower end of the pay scale, but I love my patients and my place of work. I work 3 shifts per week,and get paid for 4. That enables me to go to nursing school all week long,and I only work friday-sunday. I have found that sometimes the best paying doesnt always equal the best working conditions. Hope this helps...Chris
  4. by   Tweety
    It's about the same here in St. Pete $9-10/hour, more for the off shifts.
  5. by   wonderbee
    When I worked in S. FL during nursing school, I earned anywhere from $11/hr to 14/hr depending on the hospital. I worked for 3 of them during summers as a casual employee. Of course the full time permanent staffers made less.