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My school sent out a memo today saying that the Florida Board of Nursing has changed its rules - in order to sit for your license you must be criminal free for 15 years on a level 1 background check.... Read More

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    Quote from gsamanez
    I have a question was charge for burglary unoccupied of dwelling,grand theft, and dealing with stolen proerty= disposition withhold adjudication meaning im not convicted.....however i cant seal or expunge my you guys think i have a chance...? Please reply back......i just wanna be succesfull in life......also this happen in 2009 and now were in 2012 and by the time im in the nursing program its gonna be 6 years old....please let me know if i have a chance
    Florida BON can and will go back 10 years and they will find it.. Your best bet is to call someone at the BON and ask before you put in all the hard work.