Career Change - Need advice please!

  1. Hello! I've been lurking for months and have finally decided to post. There are so many smart people here, I just know some of you will be able to help.

    I live in Miami, mid-30's, bilingual, single, no kids and my dream is to become a nurse. Received a BA in Psych back in 2001. Took A&P 1 and lab last semester and got A's by studying my butt off. Studying wasn't my forte when I was younger so my BA GPA is low... embarrassing low. Luckily, my program GPA is very good.

    The problem is I work full-time in a corporate setting and fully support myself. There is no way I can just leave my job to start a full-time nursing program. Miami Dade College has a part-time option, but have read on this board that they look at your overall GPA. If they count my BA GPA - I'm screwed.

    Has anyone here been in my situation? Did you get into the MDC part-time program and did they look at your overall or program gpa?

    Are there schools other than MDC who offer a part-time option?

    Thanks for reading and I would appreciate your help greatly.

    BTW, I've searched everywhere on-line for part-time programs in the S. Florida area and got nothing.
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    Do yourself a huge favor; go to MDC yourself and talk to an academic adviser. Get the answers you need directly from the horse's mouth.
  4. by   FLmomof5
    I can't speak about S. FL, I live in Jax.

    You can do this! I am in a EVE/WE program at FSCJ, work full time, have a hubby in Afghanistan and 1 teen still at home.

    Check out the school advisors, they have all the information you need. FSCJ (and most nursing schools) don't have PT options for NS. I did my pre-reqs PT, but now NS if FT with a FT job. If you need to go that route, you just need to learn to budget your time well and give up a social life until you are done. It is worth the sacrifice!