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hi everyone, this is a thread for all the pre-nursing students interested in broward college's nursing program at south campus that begins january 2012. let's all get to know each other and make... Read More

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    Quote from gclef98
    Congrats on your acceptance. I am just finishing up with Process 1. So far I'm doing well, but its a very hard program. Enjoy the life you have now, because it will have to be placed on hold for the program. Lol As far as instructors are concerned, stay away from Gamble if you can. Pick Davis for math and pick Jackman for pharmacology. Keep in mind that preference in instructors is all relative. So what's good for me, might not be good for you. I relinquish all responsibility lol. For the other part of your question, your class should be split up amongst all the Memorial locations. Memorial Miramar will probably be an exception. Anyway, good luck in Nursing!!!! :-)
    I wanted to know if anyone has any tips on passing nursing process 1? Because we've just taken our first test and I failed with a 30/50 and now need at least a 41 on the next two test to pass. So any tips would be very helpful