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I will be entering my first term at Broward College and will have 2-3 months off. What can I study so I can be prepared for the first term? I have 2-3 months and heard how hard it is in the first... Read More

  1. by   tracie0305

    Yes you will definitely understand the math better after you take the 4 week math class. However, it is very fast paced so if you don't understand a concept ask for help immediately. I know a lot of people who fail out because of math. Everytime you start a new clinical which is every 8 weeks, you have to take a math test and score no less than a 90%. If you get below that the first time, you get a second opportunity and if you fail the second time then you have to retrack. So definitely know your math because it doesn't end until the program is over!!!
  2. by   spoon64
    OMG!!! That was a wealth of information....I will be taking this but it will be another year before I start. Just started...and what a long path it seems to be...BUT THANKS....Wonder how often they change books or do you think if you have the funds it would be welll worth getting the books and still studying .....Couldnt hurt RIGHT?
  3. by   labrador4122
    oh I wish you all the best of luck!

    I remember being a student there & during clinicals we always ran into RN's who were once students from BC as well.

    We are definitely more relaxed after school-

    About the books-------
    People used the old versions in my class and they were fine.

    I am a little mad-- in one of my classes, the teacher is using a older edition of the book, and he wrote a question on the test that was word for word on the old book--- and it wasn't on the newer edition.