Books for FCCJ orientation???

  1. What books are the most important to have for Orientation? Is there any books that I can delay purchasing until after orientation? I have heard that homework will be given at orientation and just wanted to make sure I was fully prepared for what they may ask us to do. Any suggestions would be great!!!!

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  3. by   MikeinFl
    I don't remember any books that were needed for orientation at FCCJ. You will get a handout with facts to memorize for dosage calc tests but that was it. You can hold off on books until classes start. Also, books are much cheaper through Amazon. Buy the used books there and you will save a lot of money. Just buy early. Everyone is cathcing on!
  4. by   jsd42277
    Thanks!! That makes me feel better. I am trying to spread it all out some and wasn't sure if I had time to do that.

    Thanks again!!!
  5. by   miss rochelle
    dosage calc and medical terminology books are highly recommended after orientation... i bought them after orientation was done.

    the medical terminology book is important b/c in the hand out they gave there wasn't a list of terms. everything is in that book. it also comes with some flash cards; i found them really helpful.

    as far as dosage calc book goes, i found that really helpful too. definitely helped get rid of some rustiness as far as basic math is concerned (go figure, i can do college algebra but basic math killed me when i first started learning dosage calc, haha).

    anyway, i bought the other books a week before school started. you really won't need those until class starts, and i agree with mike, try to find them used. i bought my books all new b/c they had just put out new editions. ugh.

    hope this helps!
  6. by   jsd42277
    Thanks so much for your advice. I have actually marked the books to buy first from your suggestions! Thanks again!!!!
  7. by   kellej
    That's good to know... At least we have a little more time before spending all that money! This whole process is so expensive!!! Apparently, I should've been saving for this, and didn't know it- It's not real good timing, considering Christmas is just around the corner!! At least we're in though- I'm definitely thankful for that!