Are picc line nursing the same as vascular access nusre

  1. Sorry it was supposed to be a question, is picc line nursing the same as vascular access
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  3. by   brownbook
    Post this question under the allnurses specialties section, Infusion Nursing is one of the specialties.

    The question is kind of vague, my off the cuff answer is maybe. If you provide a little more detail, why are you asking....are you applying for a job....what does the job description say...are you a student and just curious......etcetera, the answers would be more helpful to you.
  4. by   eileendg1989
    I'm presently a nurse and I'm getting older. I've been a buse for only 2 years. I am pretty darn good at starting His, so I've been told by me colleagues so they come to me when they can't get a line. Starting picc, mid lines, powerglides, central lines etc, would be a great specialty for me. I happen to love it. I'm in Miami Florida and looking for a place where I can do and get my certification. I have my IV start and transfusion certificate but I've been told that I have to do a deeper course. I hope this explains what I wanted. Also when looking for a job in that field, what I have is vascular access
  5. by   brownbook
    That helps a lot, but still I think you should go to the Specialties heading in Allnurses, scroll down to Infusion Nursing, and they will be able to help you, even with only in Miami area being an issue.
  6. by   MikeyT-c-IV
    They are known by many names... vascular access, PICC nurse, IV nurse... at least in my experience. So I think to answer your question, yes. This is also a very fun job.