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  1. To Anyone Who Can Help Me Please, I'm Confused What Particular Address To Send My Application For Nclex Eligibility In Florida.
    I Noticed That The Examination Fee Has To Be Sent To Department Of About My Application?will They Go Together With The Fee, Or It Should Be Send To Florida Board Of Nursing?
    Please, Please,i Need Some Answer.thanks In Advance.
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  3. by   raremoon22
    Florida Board Of Nursing
    4025 Bald Cypress Way, BIN C02
    Tallahassee. FL 32399
    NCLEX-PN Test Fee:$200.00 (Pearson)
    Application Fee:$190.00
    I copied this from a Kaplan book.
    Call the Phone number or check on line
    It may say the DOH but that is where you would send you Application and Fee
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  4. by   shiina,RN
    Thanks for the reply.
    it says here, All applications and correspondence with fees enclosed must be sent to:
    Department of Health.
    This is the one that confuses me.
  5. by   NurseguyFL
    The Florida Board of Nursing is a part of the Florida Department of Health. The BON has its own address, but it shares the same address as the DOH for receiving certain types of communications. You can send your application and fees either to the BON at the address in raremoon22's post or to the DOH at the following address:

    Department of Health
    Post Office Box 6330
    Tallahassee, FL 32314

    However, if you send your application to the BON's mailing address on Bald Cypress Way they will first forward it to DOH receivables (the address above) for fee processing and then wait for it to be sent back to them for further processing, which means a delay. So, send it to the DOH address above for faster results.
  6. by   shiina,RN
    Thank you very much!
  7. by   shiina,RN
    Does Anyone Have An Idea,
    How Long I Will Be Able To Know My Eligibility To Sit For The Nclex,
    After Submitting My Application?