apply to UCF or UNF from California (out of state student)

  1. So my probelm is that I used to live in Jax a couple of years ago but now I'm living in Cali. I was planning to finish the nursing degree and then move back. But now Im thinking of just moving back and applying for both UCF and UNF for the nursing program. Does anyone know how complicated the process will be and what are my chances of them accepting me considering Im an out of state student. I have a very high GPA, hope that will help with the process. Also, if the course i have already taken be transferable?

    thanks alot for all the help
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  3. by   laughoutloud8
    I say it would be tough. You have to interview at UNF and UCF requires you to attend an info session in order to apply. So if your willing to spend the money to make those flights I say go for it. Not sure how much of a preference is given to instate students but I would think they would consider us before out of state students but that is just my guess.
  4. by   munkeyann
    thanks for your reply. I kind of figure have to attend interviews too so yes it would be a lot of money flying back and forth.I guess it does makes sense that instate student is the first priorty and then out of states student is next. Thanks for your reply