Anyone here attend Daytona Beach Community College?

  1. I'm starting the ADN program at DBCC this August. Just looking to say hello to any other students. Curious on your thoughts about the program, teachers, etc. I've been a student at DBCC for 2 years now (pre reqs and general ed classes)and I really like the school. Talk to you later!
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  3. by   GGodwinRN
    I started the ADN program at DBCC in January 2003, we graduate in December of this year!!!!! We are in psych right now which I do not like at all!!! What campus are you attending? I attended DeLand for the 1st year and had really great instructors. The general opinion is that the instructors on the DeLand campus tend to better prepare you than the other campuses.
  4. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Awesome! You are almost there. Must feel great! Psych is almost over, right? Just a few more weeks of the summer semester. Nice how they scheduled psych over the summer, lol, so you won't have to suffer too long. I'm not sure which campus yet, I chose Deland as my preference. I wasn't supposed to start until January 2005, but I just got called last week to start this August. I'm sooooo excited. Where were your clinicals when you were at the Deland campus? Anything you can tell me about your experience will be GREATLY appreciated. I hate not knowing what to expect, lol. Thanks,
  5. by   GGodwinRN
    We have about a month left of psych. Just can't wait until it's over!! For 1st semester we went to nursing homes first then to the hospitals. The hospitals were Fl Hospital Fish and Fl Hospital DeLand. 2nd semester it's all at the hospital - both Fish and Deland. They are supposed to be starting a new program where the older students are available to the new students for questions. You will probably be getting the name of the older student that was assigned to you. If you have any specific questions about anything you can send me a private message. Good luck!
  6. by   Green Mountains

    I am currently taking pre req's for RN program at DBCC. Can anyone tell me if there is a waiting list and how long it take to get accepted to the program. Also what do you think about doing the LPN first?

  7. by   Narnia456
    Hi Green Mountains!
    I graduate this coming Dec. (2006) from DBCC. It is said there is a waiting list, but while I was doing my pre-reqs, I heard all kinds of things from a year to two years. I finished my Pre's in the Spring, and in the Summer I got a letter I would start the next year in the Spring. Then towards the end of the summer, I got another letter I would start in the Fall. So really, you never know. From the wait till the final test and care plan, it's just like eating an elephant, one bite at a time!!LOL!!) I went to South campus, and now that I'm nearing the end, I've had the opportunity to meet alot of the teachers from all the different campuses and they are all great. In all my classes I've only had one experience of a student being negative about DBCC (and she was a DBCC student in the program herself?!! Makes you wonder about some you'll meet!!LOL!!) Anyway, if you get all your prereqs done, it is soooo much better than having to do them while in the program! If you have any questions, give a holler... Have you done your A&P or Micro yet?
  8. by   Narnia456
    Quote from Green Mountains

    Also what do you think about doing the LPN first?

    I don't know anything about the LPN program there, but I do know that the LPN's going to RN joined us during our 3rd semester. It ends up being more money and time I think, where if you just did RN it's 5 semesters, the LPN would be however many they have initially plus 4 semesters.
  9. by   Green Mountains
    Thanks for the information! I will be doing the rest of the pre reqs in the spring semester. I am currently taking eng comp, gen psy, bas anat & phys, intro to health care, humanities. I signed up also for the pre reqs for LPN just in case of a waiting list for RN. But I will take the rest for RN in the spring and if needed summer. I am also a CNA. Do you think being a CNA will help to get accepted into the program and while in school. All I know is I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to get into the program. Best of luck to you also! I am hoping to get accepted in the fall of 07 or spring of 08!