Anyone heard of this?? ??SCAM??

  1. anyone heard of "PEARLSreview Online Nursing Education Center"
    5619 Commonwealth Ave.
    St. Petersburg, FL

    found them on a google search for TNCC review,..gave credit card info,.can't get online,.no answers to email, no answer to phone number,.

    they claim to be a "Florida Board of Nursing Provider # NCE3519"
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  3. by   Pompom
    I suggest you call your credit card co. and cancel that card ASAP, give all the infor that you know about the company and ask for a new card to be issued. Some lessons are expensive to learn, I hope you don't suffer that fate.
  4. by   NurseguyFL
    actually, they are a legitimate company. i've heard of them before, but not here in florida. i looked them up under florida's ce broker website and they are listed there as board-certified. the info below was copied from the ce broker website. since you paid your money and you're not getting any action from them you should call the bon and file a complaint.

    ce provider # 50-1768
    ce provider name pearlsreview praes license number nce3519
    boards florida board of nursing expires : 10/31/2007 autorenew:
    provider type: board approved provider
    physical business address street address
    [color=gray](no p.o. boxes)
    1216 edgewood blvd. city
    papillion state
    nebraska zip
    mailing address street address
    1216 edgewood blvd. city
    papillion state
    nebraska zip
    68046 phone (727) 692-7715 fax (727) 521-4435 toll free (866) 865-7277