Anyone ever attended Sandford Brown or Concorde in Jax

  1. I know neither Sanford nor Concorde are your traditional nursing school, but they do both allow you to sit for the NCLEX and thats what matters in the end.

    I have been accepted into the RN program from both schools and I was trying to figure out which one would be best. I understand they are both overpriced and many people have complaints about there other programs, but for anyone who has some insight and experience with their RN program - Please share
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  3. by   K nurse-one-day
    My cousin went Sanford Brown quite a few years ago. She liked it a lot. I think their RN program is fairly new. All that matters is you pass your NCLEX, so if you are sure you can handle the cost of it, then private schools like that are always an option. Thats about all I know....sorry I couldn't be a bigger help but best of luck with whatever you choose!!!
  4. by   labrador4122
    well both schools are the same-- both unaccredited and both will have new instructors. So basically either one you pick will be the same thing.

    I wish you the best of luck.
    one of my friends who had a BA degree in psychology went to one of those schools-- and she said they were very strict, and you could only get B's in the program-- so she ended up failing out. and now she is paying loans because she made it half way through the program. then she ended up at LPN school, got her LPN and now is back in community college doing pre-reqs for LPN-RN program because none of those science credits that she took at those private colleges transferred to the community college.

    Anyway- I don't intend to be negative. Just a little advice.

    But I totally understand that the competition to get to the community colleges and public universities are incredible.... and when one wants to be an RN one does whatever it takes.

    the best of luck to you!
  5. by   rc904
    Please let me know what you decide to do because I am deciding as well. I will have my AA from FSCJ this spring, so I'm not worried about my gen ed credits not transferring. I know the price is outrageous, but I am ready to get started in on my nursing education.
  6. by   m2736185
    well, there are only 4 basic Gen ed requirements that transfer anyways PYSC, Sociology, math and English 101. I have PSYC 101, but development pysch is required.... Anyways from what I have notcied the facilities at Sanford seem much nicer and up to date. However many people seem to be happy with the LPN program at Concorde so perhaps the RN program isnt that bad as well. Concorde's program is also 15 weeks shorter....which may not necessarily be a good thing.... It is a hard decision betweem the two.

    BTW did you take the Net exam at Concorde yet? After I took the NET exam they took me into the finacial aid office and they broke down the cost for went somthing like this.. financial aid is suppose to cover $8,000...then $20,000 from Federal Stafford Loans...and the remainder..which is like $10,000 I need to come up with myself or get a seperate loan...