Anybody attend UF accelerated?

  1. What did you think of the program? I was going to get an ADN from a community college, but already have a BS degree. Wondering if I can do the accelerated in the same amount of time? Would you recommed UF (or any other state college)?????

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  3. by   HARRN2b
    Anybody go here????
  4. by   np_wannabe
    I curious to see what others have to say too...I'm applying to the Jacksonville campus for Summer 2007.

    Good Luck, Harrn2b!
  5. by   HARRN2b

    Are you going for the accelerated bsn? I already have a first degree so am looking at accelerated! I just do not know what the lowest gpa they accept is--mine is around 3.5
  6. by   anc33
    I was in your same boat a few years ago. I lived in Gainesville at the time and thought about attending UF's acc. program but since it was in its first year I declined. Speaking to some of my friends who did attend I am glad I passed on their program. However, the program is a few years older now and might be better. If money is a big consideration and you are a FL resident it might be your best choice. I ended up having a wonderful experience at the school I ultimately chose.
  7. by   np_wannabe
    Quote from HARRN2b

    Are you going for the accelerated bsn? I already have a first degree so am looking at accelerated! I just do not know what the lowest gpa they accept is--mine is around 3.5

    Yes, I'm also applying to the A-BSN program. I don't think they have a gpa cut-off, per se, I think they consider all factors: GRE, LOR, stmt of goals, and GPA.

    Which campus are you applying for? Gainesville or Jacksonville? In G'ville, Stephanie said they usually accept around 35, but in Jacksonville, it's only 9!!

    I also considered going the FCCJ route--they have a night and weekend gig over there-- but since I ultimately want the NP, going through FCCJ was going to take longer to reach my goal.
  8. by   MrsJCP
    I work with a RN who did the accelerated program at UF. She is top notch! I know it is really intense, the patho and pharm classes were over the summer, so only 12 weeks rather than 16. Clinical time is less too but I feel you get out of it what you put in to it. I'd do it rather than an ADN. BSN can open a few more doors and possibly higher pay than an ADN. What is you BS in?
  9. by   Galore
    I got my BS in Business at UF a few years ago and loved it. Not sure about the accelerated program specifically but UF in general is pretty solid all around and they seem to have the strictest application standards I've seen.

    Has anyone taken the GRE without studying much? I'm very torn right now, UF is not my 1st choice but would be a good backup...however I only have 2 weeks to take the GRE and haven't done algebra/trig since freshman year of HS. I'm not sure if it's worth going crazy cramming for it and the cost, and I don't know if I can get my scores in on time anyway.
  10. by   np_wannabe
    Honestly, unless you can take it by Jan 2, you may not want to do it. The deadline is Jan 15 and it takes about 10 days for them to receive your score. That would just be terrible to pay the $130, study, take it, and then they don't get your score on time....

    Does the school that is your first choice require it? If you have to take it anyway, for that school, maybe try to push yourself to study like crazy!

    I took the GRE a couple of months ago, and I spent 2 weeks just on the math section and 3 weeks on verbal (I literally learned the definitions of 150 out of 200 most frequently tested words!)

    Good luck.
  11. by   Galore
    That's the thing, every school I'm applying to has a different entrance test. There's a spot to take it on January 2nd, and I figure if it's 10-15 days to report the scores, it's tight but UF asks for your scores on the school application and I could just give them my informal #s. I know it's a lot of $ but having 1 more backup school would just make me feel better. I think I'm going to do to the study like crazy thing and hope it's ok to leave a little early at work to take the test...just in case Thanks for the advice.
  12. by   np_wannabe

    Honestly, I think you should contact UF first thing tomorrow before signing up for the GRE. I've had quite a few conversations with Stephanie Turner over there, and I really think she told me that they had to have the official GRE score in hand by Jan 15th. Especially because if you cancel or reschedule the GRE, you only get refunded half the fee.

    I emailed stephanie last week, and she said she was going to be out this week. Her voicemail should tell you who to call in her absence. That would just really, really stink to have to pay, study like mad, and not be eligible to apply because your scores got their late.


    Let us know what happens.
  13. by   Galore
    I would assume all university staff is out this week because of the holidays. I'll try to email/call just in case though.
  14. by   Galore
    Just bumping this up, turns out I got accepted to UF afterall and now have to decide between that and the FAU ABSN program. Has anyone here done the UF accelerated? I would really love to hear some firsthand experience.