Any Suggestions??

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm currently enrolled in CHM 1032 at Broward College. I spoke to an advisor twice, prior to taking this class. She informed me that this was all I needed, in order to have the necessary prerequisites to apply for the nursing transition program.

    So the plan was for me to finish chemistry, take microbiology/lab starting in January, and apply to the program by the Jan 31st deadline.

    Here's the problem:

    I did my other prerequisites at Miami Dade College, to include all the ones they require that Broward doesn't. Miami Dade accepted my anatomy and physiology I and the lab (which was done in the military...they were worth a total of 5 semester credits, and I earned a B in both). I also completed A & P II with the lab at Dade. I thought I was all set.

    So last week I attempted to register for microbiology, and it said that I was still in need of anatomy and physiology I, plus the lab. Needless to say, it wouldn't let me register for the micro class.

    I ended up speaking with the health science admissions dept at BC. They told me that I could bring a copy of the A & P I (BSC 1997) course description to them. And they would see if it met their criteria.

    But the military has since changed their LPN program. When I called, they told me the current curriculum would not accurately describe the course I took. When I told that to BC admissions, the lady told me she would try to see if any of the health science evaluators had a copy of the course I took. I haven't been able to reach her since, and I am on the verge of a break down.

    I went ahead and registered for BSC 1085 with the lab for January. And I plan on seeing an advisor on Monday. But does anyone know what options I have at this point?

    I can't imagine having to wait until 2010 to start this program! Does anyone know if it is even possible to get accepted if I am still taking my final prerequisites? Should I try to talk to the asst. dean? Should I include a letter explaining what happened with my application?

    I feel horrible, especially since I had faith that my advisor knew what she was talking about. I don't mind taking these classes over if I have to, but I just don't want to miss the chance to apply to this next class. Anyone have any input or advice?
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  3. by   labrador4122
    i think that you are in the right path. and i would definitely apply, even if you are still in pre-nursing courses at this time-- you never know just what might happen, you might get in.

    good luck

  4. by   GabbsRN
    First, you mentioned the nursing transition program. Are you already an LPN?

    Second, you also need ENC1101, have you completed that course already?

    Third, I looked on the course description for Micro and it said it, "Prerequisites: Four hours of coursework in the biological sciences, including laboratory, and three hours of chemistry, with a minimum grade of "C". Even if they counted A&P1, from what it seems you also need the Chem in order to enroll, which is why you probably weren't able to and won't be able to until its complete, even with the A&P. Unless you can take Micro at MDC or PBCC, it looks like you will have to wait. Micro is not a pre-req for the program, and you technically "CAN" take micro while IN the Nursing program, but it is HIGHLY advised you take everything you need beforehand.

    What campus are you going to attend? There's an advisor at North who advises for health sciences and you can schedule an appt to meet with her. Unfortunately, if you're attending South or Central, I don't know the names of the people you'd speak to there.

    I am assuming that since you took A&P2 at Miami Dade, that they accepted the BSC1997? Have you thought about doing their nursing program? PBCC also has a transition program as well.

    Stay registered for A&P1 and lab for Winter term. If you get it sorted out before the semester starts, then you can just drop the classes.

    As for the info on the course you took and whether or not BC will take it, I googled "BSC1997" and found something on BC's website mentioning it in a page titled "Advisor Training Program"

    Don't know what it means exactly, but it seems like someone somewhere has heard of these courses.
  5. by   EmmyBee
    Hi Sunray,

    Yes, I'm already an LPN in the state of Florida. And I have taken ENC 1101, BSC 1086, BSC 1086 lab, and will be finished with CHM 1032 this current semester. Miami-Dade accepted my military A & P with lab, that's how they allowed me to take part two there.

    My plan was to take micro and the lab this coming January, and apply for the LPN to RN transition program that starts in May. This is exactly what a senior advisor (on south campus) told me I could do, on TWO different occasions. In fact, she was even rude when I came back the second time, to ensure this was all I needed before I applied. She had the attitude like, "Didn't we already go over this?"

    So that's why I'm all stressed out now. If she had told me that they weren't accepting my A & P from the Army, I would definitely have taken it this semester along with chemistry. That way I could get micro done before the program started. I don't even mind taken it over really, I just wanted to know if anyone knew if I could still apply while taking the final prereqs.

    Granted, I know I might not have been accepted for the May program, but I at least wanted the chance to apply and try my luck. My reason for being at Broward now, is because I messed up on a few prereqs over at Dade, when I was having some personal issues. Plus, they are rumored to be harder to get into. So I just wanted to start fresh and go for it full force this time...just get it done.

    Thanks so much for the link you provided. I will check it out and take the info with me next week, when I submit my course description for evaluation. I will post what happens on here, just in case anyone else has the same problem down the line.

    BTW, could you PM me the name of that advisor on North? It's further away, but I'd be willing to take the drive to get accurate information.
  6. by   ZooMommyRN
    Do they offer the chance to CLEP A&PI? since you're already an LPN and have completed A&PII recently you should have no trouble passing, might be worth a try, good luck!
  7. by   GabbsRN

    I pm'd you the info. By the way, make sure you have a copy of your transcripts from MDC (and your Military transcripts) to bring to the appt. I would assume that if you were able to take BSC1086/L that BC will accept that BSC1997 course as well. You just need to talk to the right person. I've learned the advisors don't always know everything, and sometimes you might even know more than them!

    I would also try and talk to the Health Admissions Dept (you mentioned admissions, but I assumed that was genereal admissions, so sorry if you've already tried this route). You can find all the contact numbers on this page:

    You can find out exactly what's needed for LPN's to apply to the program. Also, an advisor can register you for Micro this coming semester (Jan). You said you had an appt on Monday, maybe you can ask them to register you for it then. They have the ability to do overrides like that. Hopefully they will do it.

    Good luck and I would say you can still apply for May and see what happens when you do, if you don't get any clear answers before then. Also, maybe you can take Micro at MDC if they won't register you for it at BC.
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  8. by   EmmyBee
    Hi Sunray,

    Thanks for all the information. I will contact that advisor today. I actually don't have an appt, but planned to go today. However, I have mandatory training at home, today and tomorrow for my job via webinar (work for insurance co). And last I checked, we had to do walk-ins for advisement at BC starting this week. So I can't see anyone until Wednesday. But I will e-mail the advisor and see what she says. The admissions I spoke with was for Health Sciences, and I also sent one to the Physical Science Dept, who they said do the evals. So I will see what they all have to say, as well. Again, thanks for the help! I will keep you posted. :-)
  9. by   EmmyBee

    That advisor just wrote me back. She said to fax her all the information I have on the course I took, and she would initiate the waiver. I have no idea what the outcome will be, but this is great news!

    I was able to find even more information, based on the link you provided above, about "1997" and the military. When I googled it before, I didn't know it was for transfer courses, and I couldn't find anything of substance. But knowing exactly what it is, really made a difference.

    So thank you VERY much for helping out. I will fax the information to her first thing in the morning. She said they were very busy, so I should be patient. How nice of her to write me back!
  10. by   GabbsRN
    Oh you mean the specific advisor I PM'd you about? Thats great. At the very least, it seems you've finally spoken with someone who knows a little something. Please keep me posted. By the way, did you mention anything about getting into micro in Jan?
  11. by   EmmyBee
    Hi Sunray,

    Everything seems to be falling into place now. I went ahead and registered for BSC 1085/L, just in case I will need it. Then that same advisor registered me for MCB 2010/L with an override.

    I faxed all the information to her that I could find, and she initiated the waiver. So when I find out whether or not it was approved, I can drop the appropriate class.

    And the best part is, since I'm going for the transition program, she said it is open-ended. That means I can apply up until the course actually starts. So even if I have to take A & P over, I can still apply, because it will be completed before the start date.

    The only thing that kind of stinks, is that there was only ONE MCB lecture class left. And when I did research on the professor, I was laughing at all the horrible things students had to say about him. It kind of scared me. LOL But at least I got into a class if needed.

    Again, I really appreciate you leading me to this person. I doubt too many other advisors there, would have taken the time to e-mail back and forth with everything I needed to do. She really seems to care. Now I can stop stressing out so much!
  12. by   GabbsRN glad to hear that at the very least something is being done. I would keep checking the website, especially next week and the week when tuition payments are due, for an open class to snatch up for Micro. Usually there's always a someone somewhere who drops. I wouldn't want to get stuck with a bad professor for micro if I had a choice, you know.
  13. by   EmmyBee

    Just a quick update- I found out yesterday that the A&P waiver was approved. So that was great news! Also, the HCP 0130 will be waived, since I have the LPN already.

    So I'm all set for micro and the lab in January. And I will be turning my application packet in, as soon as the holiday break is over. Now I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I actually get into the program, after all these hurdles. :chuckle Thanks for all your help!
  14. by   LeavingTeaching4RN
    Quote from honeybee723

    Just a quick update- I found out yesterday that the A&P waiver was approved. So that was great news! Also, the HCP 0130 will be waived, since I have the LPN already.

    So I'm all set for micro and the lab in January. And I will be turning my application packet in, as soon as the holiday break is over. Now I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I actually get into the program, after all these hurdles. :chuckle Thanks for all your help!

    Congrats!! I know you're relieved!