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Hi There! I'm looking to relocate to Florida with my family. I have a husband and four boys. How are the jobs for LPN's? Where are the best cities to work in? Also, are LPN's paid more in... Read More

  1. by   HelanaDietrich
    I did a geographic research on various cities and Sarasota/Brandenton ranked one of the highest in the nation on overall growth quality. There are many large corporations which have relocated there because of the great weather and thus the overall cost effectiveness of operation. Sarasota is renowned for some of the best medical care facilities. There is a large population of semi-retired and retired, in addition to the fact that the area is a mid-sized city, without the crime of some of the larger cities. So it should be a nice place to raise children. There are strict ordinances on prevention of commercialism, and the place is beautiful. There are some good schools and colleges.

    Considering the economy right now, wherever you end up you can always work agency as an LPN, at least initially. Just google online for allied health agencies. These agencies also often offer a full line of employee benefits, and you have a chance for diversity of some skills while making connections in the field.

    Good luck in you move and in your job search.