Alright, I'll start! MDC Fall 2013

  1. Why hello there, fellow students!

    You can call me Cedeno, and I'll be applying for the MDC nursing program for fall 2013! I've been excited for awhile now, especially since MDC (and all its red tape) has delayed my intended apply date twice (originally Fall 2012, then Spring 2013). Ah, but no worries!

    Right now I'm taking my last bit of classes before applying: A&P 2 w/lab, Micro, and Critical Thinking/Ethics. I've seen many nursing students this semester-- which is wonderful-- but at the same time I think two words when I meet another pre-nursing student: "Awesome! " and "Competition! " (Not seriously, but in a jokey kind of way.)

    Once admitted, I'd love to form a study group. Size isn't quite so much the priority as cohesiveness is (though size counts!). I'd love study mates who like to utilize chats like Google talk, Skype, Kik, etc. for times when perhaps we'd like to study something but cannot make it to a physical location.

    I'm a visual and auditory learner, so I love highlighters, dry-erase boards, and discussing questions together to ensure everyone understands rather than one person offering up the answer and others just accepting it without knowing.

    Ah! I've managed to turn this into an ad for study mates! I'm just excited and hope there are other potential classmates here on AN. Please pop in and say hello! Let's talk GPAs, TEAS scores, whatever!

    ....Also if you take the TEAS twice is it highest score used or last test taken?


    Expected final science GPA: 3.67
    TEAS score: n/a
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  3. by   venned
    Hi Cedeno,

    I am applying for MDC's nursing program for fall too. I am taking the Teas V exam tomorrow...can you help me say nervous? They accept the highest score of the two times you take the exam by the way. I am an auditory/visual learner too...i just discovered gel highlighters...they're amazing because they don't seep through pages. I wish you all the best for your classes this semester! I am taking Micro Lecture/Lab and Statistics. Have you applied anywhere else? MDC is my first choice....GO SHARKS!!! LOL
  4. by   Shinnichi
    (Awesome that they take the highest!)

    Thanks for the luck, and good luck to you, too! MDC's my only choice so far.
  5. by   jakagi
    Hi everyone! I also applied to MDC Nursing for Fall/2013. I am excited and anxious for June to come around! Wishing all the best of luck on getting in. Go Sharks! Lol!
  6. by   BDA12NV
    Hello future nursing students, I'm glad that someone finally started a forum for the fall 2013 class. I have complete all my pre-req just have my teas class left to take. I plan on applying for the bridge program.
  7. by   jackiedcf
    Guys!!! I already submitted my application for the Fall, what was your TEAS V score??
    and yes, the highest score will be accepted if you take it twice.
    I got an 86.7, I heard there has been a lot of high 80s so there's a lot of competition!!
  8. by   jakagi
    Quote from jackiedcf
    Guys!!! I already submitted my application for the Fall, what was your TEAS V score??
    and yes, the highest score will be accepted if you take it twice.
    I got an 86.7, I heard there has been a lot of high 80s so there's a lot of competition!!
    Hi jackiedcf, my science GPA is 3.7 and my TEAS is 91.7. Did any one applied anywhere else?
  9. by   venned
    Okay so i did take the Teas V exam on Feb 27. I did terrible I scored a 59.3%. I am not mad at myself entirely though because i know i didn't study. I currently have a 4.0 CUM GPA but i'm still taking classes this semester. That's why i didn't really have the time to study for the Teas. I am taking it again on April 24th hopefully i will be better prepared.

    @Jakagi way to go! You will get in for sure!!! i did apply to Nova and Barry University but i am withdrawing my applications. Yep, packing all my eggs in this basket, the MDC basket that is. Which program will you be applying to? I'm applying to Generic Full-time and Part-time.

    @jackiedcf you really don't have to worry you are totally safe with that Teas score.
  10. by   venned
    Thank you and it's my only choice now too
  11. by   jackiedcf
    @venned you got a great GPA, mine is a 3.6, but I am also taking classes now,
    good luck on your next test!

    MDC is also my only choice, I actually got into Barry but it is SOOO expensive I turned it down.

    @jakagi you have no worries, congrats!! I hope I will be seeing you next semester
  12. by   jakagi
    @Venned, thank you and good luck on the next teas... I'm sure you will do well. Awesome GPA by the way!! Hoping to see you in the Fall!

    @Jackiedcf, thanks and I'm sure you will get in too! I hope to see you there!!
  13. by   jakagi
    I applied only to the generic full-time.
  14. by   lgv2004
    Hi to everyone!! I'm also applying to Mdc for this upcoming Fall term. My science GPA is 4.0; however, I got a score of 69 on my Teas test. I'm debating if I should retake it or not. I'm really scare of no getting accepted, I don't want to be too overconfident when I know that some people have gotten great teas scores. I'm just looking for some advice.