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  1. I am looking to start the nursing program by next summer at edison state college in fort myers, just one problem.. Im completely stuck between going for my R.N, EMT liscense or Radiological technology! All three sound fantastic to me! I just do not know which would suite me better :/ I have taken nursing classes in high school (towards a CNA liscense) as an elective before dropping out and I absolutely LOVED attending them. I got so excited when we would practice taking blood pressure and vital, and acting out being the nurse, EMT, doctor, or patient. from experience how hard are each of these programs to get into? would be awesome to hear some one who has gone to edison state as well... if not, thats cool too! BTW if i stick with the R.N. My goal is maternity/baby, pediatrics, or ER! Just some other stuff...

    I have completed one class that actually counts towards the pre-reqs for nursing (composition 1) I have a B at the moment, with my other classes which are not towards the nursing program I have a 3.0 which of course could improve before I apply, I feel like thats way to low of a GPA for nursing :/ SO hard to find extra study time with a one 19 month old and a 7 months old! I get through it though!
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  3. by   missnurse01
    If you are super interested in actual pt care, then rad tech will not be for you. There is not a lot of ongoing care there, it is mostly doing the exam and returning them to the nurse or to home.

    EMT would look great on your application for nursing school. Programs are usually not that long and you will get insight into the medical field. Beware that many EMT's work 24 hour shifts. Unless you get a job in an ER as a tech using your EMT license.

    You might have a long wait to get into RN school, you could always do all your prereqs and apply, and while waiting to get in go ahead and do EMT school. List that it is in your plan for the next semester if you do not get into RN school on your app.

    The jobs can all be very different.

    good luck!
  4. by   JenRN12
    You should try to shadow someone that's already working in those professions. See which one interests you the most.
  5. by   Devin6xx
    thank you both, I decided that I will stick with R.N and if all else fails, radiology. I know their are very different from each other, but they both have things I would enjoy to do. Of course r.n has much more opportunities... Though there are just a few areas in which i would want to work (maternity, pediatrics (office or hospital), possibly E.R, and OR.