2013 UF Accelerated BSN Applicants!

  1. HiEveryone!

    I am gatorguy3380, and I am planning on applying to the UF Accelerated BSNprogram beginning in 2013! I have been steadily working my way through my prerequisites and am studying for my GRE as we speak. I have been eyeing thisprogram for a while and have found that this thread is a great way to shareexpectations and successes for those pursuing entrance into this prestigiousprogram.

    So it seems like everyone on here likes to know each other's "stats."So since I seem to be the originator here you go! I have a BS from FlaglerCollege in St. Augustine that I received 6 years ago. My GPA from my last 60was 3.55. I have completed Human Nutrition, Statistics, Human Growth andDevelopment, and A&P 1, all with A's. My overall college GPA is just a hairover a 3.0. I am currently in Micro and plan on taking A&P II in the springjust prior to admission. I am 32, a male, and used to be a law enforcementofficer. I feel that with a combination of my academics and my personalexperiences, with a solid GRE score (which I haven't taken yet) and stay ontrack with my pre-reqs I stand a good chance of getting in!

    Just because I posted my info, there is no need to post yours. I like the ideaof meeting some of my future cohorts on this life course change and createdthis tread so that we could all find a sense of comfort in a tiny sharedcommunity! Good luck to all and I will enjoy interacting with you here!
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  3. by   traumanurse2b?
    I just wanted to tell you good luck! I'm from Newberry, but moved out of state because my husband is in the military. UF is such a great school, I hope you get accepted!
  4. by   ddl77
    Hello! I'm also applying to the ABSN at UF for 2013. First of all, sorry for typos. I'm writing this on a cell phone.

    I know UF is super competitive so I'm applying elsewhere but keeping my hopes up for UF since it's my first choice for nursing school. I took my GRE in 2009 before starting my MA and need to see if the scores are too old to reuse, but they weren't very good. I only scored a 1050 because I didn't study for the quant part of the test, since I was applying to humanities grad programs. If you have any other questions, let me know!

    Good luck to you!
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  6. by   gator_rl88
    Hey all!

    I am also probably applying to UF for their ABSN in 2013. I graduated almost three years ago and have been living in Philadelphia all this time. My undergrad degree in Anthropology was done at UF and my cGPA was a 3.39, not really sure how to calculate the upper division stuff. I don't know if they just look at junior/senior level course pre-fix numbers, or just your last two years. Plus I graduated a semester early!

    For their pre-requisites, I have all As in Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Developmental Psychology, and a B+ in Statistics. I think I can easily get an A in Nutrition this coming Fall, and hopefully can pull off an A in Microbiology at the same time. I have been taking courses at a community college in Philadelphia, been volunteering as a medical interpreter at a free clinic for 2+ years, plus volunteering in the past at Shands and another hospital in Philly, and served a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA. I'm not really sure how all these extra things factor in, since UF has always struck me as a very numbers oriented school.

    I am planning to take the GRE in the next few months, so hopefully I can pull a good score!
  7. by   gatorguy3380
    Nice to meet everyone. I am working on my GRE everyday now, D Day for me is 9/26. That will give me one more shot if I bomb the test to still take it again before the aplications are due? Can anyone tell me the rationale regarding how much geometry you know is an indicator of how well we will do in grad school?
  8. by   ddl77
    Good luck with the GRE. I think I'm going to re-take mine because I realized the GPA they will use to evaluate me is acceptable, but isn't the best. My cumulative GPA and graduate GPA were higher than the last 60 credit hours of my Bachelor's, but they can't use my graduate degree GPA because it won't be finished at the time of application.
  9. by   gatorguy3380
    Hi All,

    I took the GRE a few weeks ago and got waht I needed. 155 verbal 151 quantitative. It was tough. Good luck for everybody else and hope to hear from you soon.
  10. by   GatorLove
    Hi Everyone!

    I will also be applying to the UF ABSN program for 2013. I applied last year but sadly I did not get in. Unfortunately I put all of my eggs in one basket, so I did not have a back up nursing school to go to. I advise applying to MANY nursing schools. Acceptances are so subjective and there really is no way of telling exactly what the admissions committee wants to see. (Not trying to scare you, just being honest)

    I am 22 years old...and I have a Bachelors degree in Health Science from the University of Florida, GPA 3.5. Not the greatest, but I did have difficult course loads with numerous 18 credit hour semesters. Instead of taking a year off when I was denied last year I decided to complete a Masters degree instead here at UF in Health Education. I will be completing it by the Spring and moving on to an ABSN program, or at least I hope so!

    My GRE scores are average, but I was below in verbal for what they wanted by 3 points, so I will be retaking the GRE shortly.

    UF is of course my first choice ! I absolutely love it here, and I also hate packing/moving so I would rather not-haha!

    Good luck to everyone! I am super excited to see what opportunities this year brings!
  11. by   gatorguy3380
    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to see if anyone has gotten acceptance for the post bac applications for next year. I submitted mine over a month ago and have no word. Does anyone know how long it takes to get your approval on these applications?
  12. by   GatorLove
    Hey GatorGuy!

    They do not notify you, I believe they just leave it up to the nursing admissions. Last year I was never notified about the post bac application, I was just notified by the nursing admissions.
  13. by   BrandonKopkin
    Hey everyone!

    I have applied for this program too and I am quite nervous. My GRE scores are probably my best thing on paper. I am over the scores needed in both sections, but my overall GPA is only a 3.45 with prereq gpa not being any higher than that. I am nervous about my gpa, essay, and the quality of my letters. But, I am very passionate about nursing and medical sciences. I hope that shines through.

    Good luck everyone! I wish we could all get in.
  14. by   joy157847
    Hi everyone!

    I also applied. My previous Bachelors is in Spanish. I am hopeful, since I have a tremendous passion for nursing and have worked so hard, but Im also very nervous, like everyone else Im sure! I just finished my prereqs this semester, after a year and a half of working towards this moment. Im curious when we might find out...any ideas?

    gatorguy-i think we were in the same Micro class?

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