2013 UF Accelerated BSN Applicants! - page 12

HiEveryone! I am gatorguy3380, and I am planning on applying to the UF Accelerated BSNprogram beginning in 2013! I have been steadily working my way through my prerequisites and am studying for my... Read More

  1. by   KittyL0ve
  2. by   GatorLove
    Kitty are you in Gainesville ?
  3. by   chrisleak08
    Congrats! I'm in Gainesville and my mail usually comes at 1pm so I'm going to check it at 2pm. I hope its good news everyone seems to be having great news.
  4. by   GatorLove
    Yes please post! Trying to decide whether to drive back to Gainesville today or tomorrow!
    Congrats Kitty and good luck everyone else! So far only good news!
  5. by   KittyL0ve
    I'm in north Florida but the mail somehow got sent to my home in South Florida. Good luck to everyone and can't wait to meet you all!
  6. by   gatorguy3380
    I got in!!!
  7. by   gatorguy3380
    I'm in Gainesville, it comes in a small letter sized envelope. So happy!
  8. by   GatorLove
    yay gatorguy!!!!!!! looks like im driving up to gainesville soon to check my mail haha! congrats!!
  9. by   ddl77
    Yay everyone! I'm at Shands ALL DAY today do I won't get to check till this evening.
  10. by   GatorLove
    I wonder how many people applied this year...any ideas anyone?
  11. by   gatorguy3380
    I am guessing but I tend to believe there were less applicants, just do to moving the app deadline up and the number of posters here compared to previous years.
  12. by   GatorLove
    I haven't heard of anyone getting denied yet... Just in or wait listed. I'm praying I'm not the first denial lol
  13. by   gvillegrl
    I'm in Gainesville and got my acceptance letter today. I'm in tears, here. Excited to meet everyone!