"New Grad" definition in florida

  1. I searched the forums for an answer first but didn't find anything. I am graduating from my LPN program in Michigan in 4 weeks. I lived in Florida for 9 years and loved it. So now I want to work down there but I am not sure of the job situation because of the economy. So I was thinking I could work here in Michigan for a few months and gain some experience so that when I did apply to nursing homes/rehab/LTC in Florida, I would no longer be considered a new grad. I would think that would better my chances to get hired (experience). So in Florida, is there a trend that says what the ballpark time frame is to no longer be considered a new grad? I've been told its 3, 6, and 12 months from some people up here. Im looking to go back to central florida btw (orlando or tampa bay area). It probably varies by the employer, but I didn't know if there was a common answer. Also, how is the job market down there for nursing homes? There are a decent amount of jobs up here for LPN's in LTC, but im not down there to hear about who's hiring and not. Thanks for the help and input.
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  3. by   chicookie
    Most hospitals here in Northeast Fl see a new grad as someone with less then one year experience.
  4. by   Preeps
    Yeah, I agree, less than 1 year is a new-grad. Or anyone who just graduated from school.
    Your plan sounds good. I would stay put and get experience where you are due to the economy etc. Build your skills and resume and why don't you inquire about jobs now while your working up there. Hopefully the economy will turn around.
    From what I read they are still anticipating the nursing shortage to continue and even get worse so your skills should be in demand. Good luck.
  5. by   SmilesNoir
    google .. all medical and some medical temps in florida.. they can give you a perspective on job situation down here.