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Are there any nurses waiting for their license by endorsment from

another state to florida. I have been waiting since November!!!!

I called my home state and verification was sent months ago.

I also had another copy sent and I'm still waiting. I try calling and

calling ----can't get answers---- just operators putting me through

to voice mail. I had no call backs. I know the boards have moved

and things are slow but ----e mails don't get answered as well.

Anyone going through this?????


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It may be that you already are licensed in Florida and have not received your paperwork. You can search the boards website and pull up your license information. Here is the linkFlorida Board of Nursing


When you get to the page, click on "Obtain a Written Liscence Verification. Then Internet License lookup. Good Luck, it sounds like you have waited way too long!


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I have heard this from a lot of nurses. I wonder what the problem is? My niece was doing agency in addition to her regular job in a GA hospital. She had trouble getting a Florida license also.

Is FL one of the states that won't let you work while the license is pending? I believe CA is, isn't it?

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