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Hi all!

Anyone starting Florida National University in the fall of 2012, or the spring of 2013???? Or anyone currently in the program???

Hi I'm starting Summer 2013 the Bachelors but I am a tiny..bit... confused. I need to find someone that attended this school or that will do so. =S

Hi, I came upon your post looking for answers to your same question. Well, I am starting this fall Sep. 2013 in FNU's RN program. I had to choose between an asn or a bsn, and I chose the asn. I was advised to complete the asn, take my rn board, and start working as an rn while doing the bsn in one year online. This is what fits around my schedule the best, but everyone has different needs. Keep in mind, asn is 2years with out prerequisites and bsn is 3 1/2, I believe. Well, keep us updated on the program and how it's going.

I am starting FNU's RN program as well. They also told me the same about the ASN program and then take the RN board exam, work, while completing the BSN online! What campus will you be attending?

I started June 2013, but I'm starting from scratch. I don't have any previous transferable credits, therefore I'm taking all my pre-requisites now. I'm currently MAT / Future RN because I still need to pass the Kaplan Entrance Exam. We're supposed to get a 67% to pass, and I got a 66% last time I took it! What classes have you guys taken? It's awesome to come across people attending my same school. I'm currently in the Hialeah Campus and love it!

I am currently attending the south campus and taking microbiology pre-req, but will start the nursing core in the hialeah campus on January 2014. I love my class. There are only 10 students and the professor is very knowledgable, as for he is a foreign doctor. Hope to see any of you in the nursing program.

How was the Kaplan Entrance Exam? I plan to take it this week, but I haven't really studied much for it as yet. Sucks having a 66%, so close but so far away!

Who are you telling!! It does suck, but they won't accept it. I haven't had the chance to re-take it, because when attempting too back in Feb, they told me that I had to pass both ENC 1101 and MAC 1105 before taking it again. I had already taken ENC 1101, but was taking MAC 1105 at the time, and had to wait to finish it. Now, I'm going to try to take it again before the end of this month. Hopefully, I'm able to score at least a 67% to drop that "Medical Assistant" label under my name and have it switched to Registered Nurse student already lol.

Also I have a question for anyone that can answer this for me. Those of you that are already taking Nursing Core classes, can you please let me know whether or not you have to pay for your books out of pocket? I'm being told that Nursing students don't get coverage for books from financial aid once they start the program. If it's like that, I don't know if I'm going to be able to stay. I have to figure this out before I head into the program, in case I have to look elsewhere to attend school.

Keep me posted everyone! Thanks!

How was the program? Do you feel that the instructors prepare the students for the licensing exam? I am debating doing the BSN hialeah campus program. :/

How was the program? Do you feel that the instructors prepare the students for the licensing exam? I am debating doing the BSN hialeah campus program. :/

Before enrolling in any program go check the FL Board of Nursing website. They keep track of schools NCLEX passing rates. If I remember correctly FNU has really low passing rates.

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