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Hi guys! I'm starting the Florida Hospital Altamonte GN program in a few weeks and I was wondering has anyone done the required EKG class? I am trying to find out if it was difficult and how hard I have to study for it.


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Just do the modules and learn to recognize and be able to measure the rhythms that are listed in the study guide. Download the practice strips from the link they send you. You should be fine


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Thank you so much. I've been freaking out about it and your response has been helpful. :)


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Hi anniern165

I applied for the GN program at Altamonte Hospital too and I am scheduled for an interview next week. Do you mind sharing some of the type of questions you had during your interview.



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Sure! I had two interviews one with HR and one with the manager of the floor. HR just asked me basic interview questions like why nursing, something memorable abbout my transition experience and how can I contribute to the FL Hospital family. The manager asked me to talk about myself and why I became a nurse. Why I wanted to work at FL Hospital? Then she gave me a scenario that I had to answer. Then I was offered on the spot. :)


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Congrats!!! Hopefully my interview goes as well as yours. Thanks


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The EKG test is no big deal as someone previously posted. I took it in the spring of 2015. I'm assuming they still give out the work books or make them available to download. If you do all those, you have basically seen the test. If you don't pass the first time you can retake it too, although I don't think it's administered in a different way. I don't work there anymore so I can't be sure, but I doubt it's change much if at all. Good luck!


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Thank you so much for the reply. Now I definitely know what I have to do to pass :)

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Hey, I have some updated information in case anyone was wondering:

When you accept an offer from Florida Hospital, it is contingent upon passing NCLEX, background checks, etc. and the EKG test.

Here is the info right off the handout they gave to us:

-Allocated time = 2 hours

-Passing scores = 78% (CLEP 85%)

-Missed lethal = automatic failure

-Randomized sequence

-Test questions = 18 different strips that can be used for multiple questions including "choose the best answer" or "select all that apply," 1 True/False, 43 questions total, NO pharmacology questions

-Remediation = lethal rhythms, unsuccessful score, knowledge deficits (rhythms, measurements, etc.)

You also attend complete online modules and a 4-hr. review course beforehand. I found the review course to be very helpful. The people in nursing education are really nice and will work with you! If anyone wants a copy of the Nov. 2017 EKG packet they give us, feel free to message me and I'd be happy to help. It can be good general review too. Good luck everyone.

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If you could send me the ekg packet, that would be great! I start orientation March 2nd and haven’t gotten the material yet. Being a mother baby nurse, it is not something that is my best area so I want to make sure I’m prepared. My email is hmf0006@auburn.edu. Thank you!

Did you receive packet if so could you send it to jeriah_owens@Yahoo.com


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This post is 3 years old but...if anyone got a hold of the 2017 packet that Skyride mentioned and you would like to pass on the information please let me know by replying below me!