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Florida BSN Pre Licenser Program Western Governors University (WGU)


hello everyone... i was wondering if anyone has heard of western governors university (wgu) ? they are starting a bsn pre licenser program in florida for january 2011. its a great program so i hear and its not to expensive. i am appying for the january start, and they are still taking applications. it is a new program..in florida, however it has been running in other states for two years now. and this is a fully accredited program and school.


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Hello! Just ran across your post... I'm actually applying to the prelicensure program in California for January 2011 start. It sounds like a fantastic program!! I'm REALLY hoping I get in. Good luck to you too!! Hopefully we'll both be WGU Alum one day! =D

Great... I am actually currently living in California but I am applying to the Florida program. I wish you luck :-). are you currently a Nurse?


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Thank you!! What made you decide to apply to Florida? I kind of wish I could go somewhere out of state for nursing (a change of scenery would be nice!), but I have two kids, a husband, and a house... kind of hard to move. ;) I'm not a nurse, but I do have a BS degree in a health related field. What about you? Are you currently a nurse?

Well im from Florida and may be moving back in January. I dont have kids yet but I do have a husband lol. No im not a nurse yet but i will be ;-). I was in Nursing school in Florida before I moved to Cali (military) but I got married and we didnt wat to be apart so I dropped nursing school thinking that entering a nursing school in SoCal would be easy... Boy was I wrong.


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I just sent you a PM! =)

Cam you send me your email address in a PM or Let me know if you have gmail or yahoo in a PM that way we could email or chat. I cant seem to find out how to do the PM thing on here but I was able to read what you wrote in your PM.


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No prob, I'll PM you my email.

Where in Florida is the program? I am interested in apply for 2011

Hello.... The Florida program will be in the Daytona area. Have you finished your Pre-Reqs?

Thanks for the info. I was thinking that since I'm in Georgia and have a flexible schedule I could apply to the Florida program. I have only completed the Anatomomy classes and am working on the Chemistry and Microbiology for next year. Have you taken any of your prereqs with them?

No Problem... What part of Georgia are you in? My husband and I are from FL but may be moving to Georgia. I have all of my Pre Reqs done except Bio Chem, they told me that I can take it with my other courses. They only have a few student as of right now though, I was told that 8 students would be ideal to start the 1st Cohort in FL.

I'm in the Atlanta area. I was hoping the Florida school would be a little closer but I'm going to talk with the advisor from the school Wednesday to see what my options are. When does the first cohort start?

Ok cool. But word to the wise... They won't consider you for a program if you don't live in that area.

Does anyone know if they are still planning to start in Jan? I called and got scheduled to talk with an enrollment advisor, but not for a few days. Do you know if the program is self paced like their other programs??

Hi alanas09,

They are not certain as to whether or not the program will be starting in January because they do not have enough qualified students to start. Not a lot of people know about the program though :-( Im playing the waiting game because there are not enough students. She said that the program could start in Feb or March if not Jan because of the lack of students. and from what i understand you can work at your own pace however you cant do so with your clinical rotations and you must take the courses in order. I hope this helps :-)

Thank you so much. Do you know how long the program takes to complete?

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone got accepted into the program in january 2011, I am interested in enrolling but I am not sure if the Florida program is up and running.

Thanks for your help!!