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  1. I'm currently a paramedic that works for a flight company as a dispatcher, I've already got my BS in Emergency Medicine, am in nursing school (ADN) at a community college and am trying to wrangle an externship one day a week between the ED and on the helicopters with my company. I ultimately want to join the Air Force Reserves as a flight nurse. My big question is this: what can I do to get my foot in the door with the air force reserves so as to secure a position later on? (aside from graduate with my RN in the first place lol) Who should I talk to as far as making contacts? I'm open to any suggestions and really appreciate any feedback you all can give me. Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    Your first problem is that your going to need a BSN.
  4. by   paranurse125
    According to the Air Force Website, I need a BSN to be on active duty. To be in the reserves, you can have a bachelors in another field and an ASN as long as you are a licensed RN. At least thats what the online advisor told me...
  5. by   lindarn
    The AFR is now requiring a BSN. There was a nurse in my reserve squadron who was and AD graduate, and an experienced critical care nurse. She came into the military as enlisted, and is working on her BSN.

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  6. by   paranurse125
    Did your friend have a bachelors in another field already as well? Or did she only have an ADN?
  7. by   lindarn
    She only had an AD in Nursing.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
  8. by   paranurse125
    I've got my first bachelors in Emergency Medicine, so from what I understand I'm already eligible for officer training school since I've completed my undergrad. I'm just waiting to finish up my ADN as a second degree (which I will eventually convert into a BSN). I could've done a fast track BSN as a second bachelors, but those are a little too stiff for my pocket book at the moment...
  9. by   Buckeye RN/EMT-P

    you may want to jump over to the govt/military nursing area and repost your question - there may be more input from all of the ad & reserve rns who can shed some more light onto your dilemma. otherwise, from all of the posts i have read over there, your best resource would be a healthcare recruiter, who should have the answers to those types of questions. good luck.
  10. by   NrsCyn2011
    I am going to join as soon as I get my BSN and have spoken to a reserve flight nurse. At this point the AF is only accepting BSN even for reserves, although in the past they have accepted ASN's, but that is when they are really really low on flight nurses. Also, according to her, your time spent as a reservists is different than traditional reservists because you have to fly every 90 days. You have to go through basically the same requirements as pilots when it comes to flying (flight physical and a 6 week flight class), a 6 week nursing flight class, water survival/POW camp survival, tech school, etc which would be about 6 months straight, after comissioning and going through OTS (which is also 6 weeks). The flight school is currently in a classroom, although they are trying to implement a program where you fly and when that school is over then you come back to home base. She also said it is hard to work as a FT nurse and be a flight nurse in the reserves because of the flight hours and regular time you have to put in. OTC is in Maxwell AFB, AL, the rest of the training in San Antonio (Lackland AFB). She says that in twenty something odd years shes been activated twice, but all other trips shes signed up for.
    I would suggest finding an aeromedical squadron nearest you and speak with someone from there. You can ask a recruiter for that info, or if you already have access to go on base then just go and talk to anyone. I called the squadron where I live and they were more than willing to speak to me and give me info.
    hope this helps a little