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  1. Hi, I am a new graduate (associates degree RN), just took NCLEX and passed, my goal is to become an AIR Force Nurse. I know that I will probably need a BSN but from there I am lost...I know that I can contact a recruiter but I would really like to hear from someone who has been through this process. I currently live in Alabama but I was thinking of relocating to somewhere that has a larger base like San Antonio ...I have heard (ok this is going to sound stupid, so get ready) that there are certain hospitals/ Units that "train" you to be an Air Force Nurse...I know I Probably got that confused but has anyone ever heard of anything like this?? Anyway, any information that you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated. BTW it doesnt have to be San Antonio

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   in2bate71
    Last I heard, active duty and reserves are both requiring a BSN for commission. Contact a recruiter or check out
  4. by   tulpen1234
    I did an ADN program and then an RN-BSN. I will be going into the AF next month. What I would have done differently...I would have contacted a recruiter a year or at least six months before BSN graduation to start the process of applying. Yes it can take up to a year to complete the paper work till you actually go to training. But I know there are some that the process took less time. Also if you were to work while you were doing the RN-BSN having experience as a employed RN would look good in your AF application but not necessary. It would not hurt to contact an AF Health Service Recruiter, there are not many but you can find one closest to your location by going to
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    thanks for providing the web site, it's been very helpful!