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  1. I am cuurently in a MSN program and am also a rotor wing flight nurse. A class objective is to communicate with other nurses for thoughts and ideas on nursing in the 90's and the next millenium....thanks for chatting..........vasti
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  3. by   WillsRN
    The first thing I think nursing in the 90's
    and beyond needs is to unload thatwhole"nursing
    process" garbage they stress in grad school.
    I see it as devisive between nurses and other
    professionals. They (others) see it as a bunch of
    prima donnas trying to make themselves look
    special. I say we should be finding ways to
    bridge the distance, not extend it, between
    us and other health professionals.
  4. by   jenny lynn
    Wills, I'm not following you, but I'm glad to hear someone else thinks "nursing process" is garbage. Who has time for that? I only takes more time away from the patient, who barely see's us as it is.
  5. by   WillsRN
    Well, the way it was explained to me at university was that nurses had to identify
    a scientificly measurable process to base their work on in order to be considered
    'professional' and that became the "nursing
    process". What we have in reality is a lot
    of completely useless 'nursing diagnosies'.
    Who pays any attention to them except nursing administrators who need to justify the amount
    of patient care time they waste? Try calling
    the ED doc and state; "My patient has ineffective individual coping related to his
    intoxicated state and the car which ran over him." He/she will probably reply "Who the hell wouldn't be upset if they got drunk and walked in front of a moving auto?" Maybe it's
    because I'm a male in a female dominated field or maybe it's my paramedic background,
    but it seems to me we would better serve our profession if we joined the field of medicine and not try to create a new one.
  6. by   Ex130Load
    Amen to the gist of the last reply. I'm a 45 YO male working on my second career (second term RN/BSN student) since retiring from the military. There's a lot of feel good crap out here that doesn't mean much in the real world and nursing diagnoses is at the top of that pile of crap. I've read where nursing diagonses were started by a bunch of you post grad types, nothing against you personally!
  7. by   Agnus
    You have a point about the nursing dx. They are pretty pretentious and even funny if you think about it.

    We are struggling as a profession and we are struggling to get out from the crushing weight of the AMA and I think this was an attempt. Not very effective but an attempt.

    We need to find a better way to put a value on ourselves and or work. I don't have the answer.
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