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Ok, I will be starting the ED soon as a graduate nurse. I think, Ithink, my ultimate goal is flight nurse. What can I do now to prepare for a possible position? Im a male. What are the... Read More

  1. by   GilaRRT
    All other things equal, I think prior military experience could give you the advantage. Recent solid critical care experience will be one of your greatest assets however.
  2. by   Medic/Nurse
    I'll go with GilaRN on this one - solid critical care experience is your ticket.

    I see that you note 10 years as a paramedic - that alone should give you an advantage. You can visit www.flightweb.com - it also has some great threads (I remember a recent - within the last 90 days) on entry into the profession.

    Good Luck.

  3. by   flychick08
    glad to see nurses so interested in flight nursing! it's a tough field to crack. for those of you just starting out in nursing, i would suggest you do the following:
    1)3-5 years of icu experience. know your swan-ganz, art lines,vents,etc inside out and backwards. once you start feeling really comfortable there, then.....
    2)3-5 years er experience. now you get to use all that icu knowledge in a warp-speed setting. plus, you get very familiar with what the prehospital folks are doing (not as easy as it looks!!!) and you get to work with the docs side by side and learn what they expect. good stuff to learn, as they probably will end up being your medical command in one shape or another if you fly.
    3)get all the alphabet stuff out of the way...and keep it current!!! (acls,pals,itls,nrp,tncc,emt,etc,etc...) you won't even get through the door to interview if you dont have those letters after your name.
    4) schedule some ride-alongs with a local flight service. you'll see if this is something you really want, plus it gets your name in people's heads. strive to make the best impression possible.
    5)stay (or get) really physically fit. i mean....less than 220#, lots of strength and endurance. you'll need it.

    i know all this seems daunting and it is!!! but the tenacity required to get all of this to apply is what separates the groupies from the rock-stars!!! don't try to cut corners!!! i've seen people try to cut corners and they get eaten alive once they are up in the air. you'll put your patients at risk and really irritate the crap out of your partner-neither is a good outcome.

    i've been a nurse for 17 years (icu,er,telemetry) and just got the opportunity of a lifetime to fly with statmedevac in the pittsburgh,pa area. it's worth the work.
    good luck!!!!