Airlift Northwest?

  1. Does anyone here work for or have inside knowledge about Airlift Northwest? Ive been a flight nurse in AZ for 2 years. I do rotor only. I am looking at getting out of AZ and specifically want to work for Airlift Northwest / UofW.
    I have some specific questions and would be HAPPY to privately discuss if thats what it takes

    Anyone who works for a GREAT company where you feel valued, fairly compensated, well prepared and with an excellent safety record/ safety culture, please please PLEASE reply and tell me where you are. My heart is not set entirely on Washington!
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  3. by   K_greenleaf
    Hey aislrn, any chance you ended up working for airlift NW? I just got into a BSN program in Seattle and want to start planning my nursing career path so that I can be a competitive candidate for Airlift NW in the next 5-10 years. If so, I'd love to pick your brain about it!
  4. by   aislrn
    Nope. Never got any replies to any inquires. Here or directly with them. Still working rotor in AZ. I have no clue what they want but will always be happy to chat about general flight nurse stuff if you need it.
  5. by   K_greenleaf
    yeah I'd really appreciate it! I guess I haven't posted enough to send you a private message, can you send me one? thanks!
  6. by   aislrn
    Well apparently I have not either! My email is
  7. by   K_greenleaf
    I just e-mailed you! Thanks!
  8. by   RickyRescueRN
    I know at Airlift NW that they typically hire from within UW . Many of the flight nurses have worked at Harbourview MC (ER/ ICUS) or UW medicine. I have several friends that work there and thats the path they took. Also, they fly RN-RN and the one RN is a pediatric RN, so they will typically hire from Children's hospitals/ RNs with extensive PICU/ NICU experience. Its a highly regarded flight program and therefore, extremely hard to get into; much like many of the other large, established University Hospital based flight programs (Duke, U.Michigan Survival Flight, DHART, Stanford Life Flight etc)