Flaw in the system


A severe flaw is occuring when a nurse continues to behave badly to new nurses and old nurses constintly going behind other nurses back to "report" something always instigateing trouble for someone and walking around like the own the unit

WHY do health organizations that want a genuine change in culture put up with this type of bully?

there have been enough complaints over the past 15years to fill a cabinet yet nobody had created an official paper trail for fear of retaliation:o

obviously this type of person does not represent any of the standards of conduct with their behavior

The hospital has encouraged (strongly) in the past that the individual go to classes but the behavior is still there

some say "she is getting better though" is it enough? this person has a license to terrorize and put on a great front for administrators

there are people that avoid working with her because their day will be miserable if they work with her and their are persons who have stayed on night shift 5 years past their "turn" because they don't want to deal with her

I have also just learned today that this person will be the new Co-chair in the hospital shared gov. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

this is the person you want representing your nurses and hospital! negative-instigative-arrogant-judgemental (i know that is what I am doing)

:down:a serious flaw in the system!:down:

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I know exactly what you are talking about and I think most of us have run into a few of these nasty people in our lives but there is hope...The person I thought of when reading your post was recently asked to resign at my facility. Turns out there was a paper trail that only HR knew about and when she continued her behavior even with numerous "counseling" sessions she was asked to resign after 20+ years...woohoo.


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I would like to think we wouldn't put up with it but gee whiz it has been a long road

there is somone else who isn't quite as offensive but equally rude and during one HR counseling I heard that she said "shouldn't 17 years matter for something" I was thinking yeah it should- you should be an example - an excellent role model - and taking the new nurses and anyone having trouble under your "wing"

I wish I had heard her say that because I would have responded with those words!

it would not have mattered to her I am sure

Thanks for your response

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Or are people being overly sensitive

How can one person scare and intimidate so many people


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Here are some websites that have really helped me in the same situations.

I don't believe this is people being "oversensitive"....as Teeituptom suggests. In fact, this kind of response is often the panacea needed for workplace bullies to continue in their bad behaviour. Adult bullies are often personality disordered people. It isn't normal to bully another person.... AND people who do this thrive on getting 'followers' around them to help them continue in the pathology of badness....they usually target one or two people, and do all they can to make their lives a living hell.

It isn't unique to nursing, because police depart./emt's/firefighters/as well as lawyers, doctors, and other professions experience this as well.

I hope these websites provide education and support to you as you go through this.

My heart goes out to you.....and if you can, seek another place to work....It is my experience that this kind of workplace bully will never change until someone in authority takes a stand against them, ie fires them for their bullying.....there are cases where legally, companies have been sued for allowing a bully to engage in this behaviour....I would document the incidents....because, just like sexual harrassment, or domestic violence, or any other personal attack, IT"S WRONG!









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I do not think people are being too sensitive I have seen this particular person in full form

and while she has made attempts to my face as well as behind my back I am not intimidated by her, I can clearly see that she ALWAYS has an alterior motive and I do not trust her or respect her. I do see her in action with others and if I am their I try to change the course of the conversation and offer the people in the room support and encouragement without actually saying anything

honestly though if I am in the room she doesn't say much any more unless it is really passive aggressive - and she is good at that

at this point I don't feel like i need to leave

i do feel bad for the others that i have watched fall victim over the years

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