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I'm on the (apparently) slow path to having my MO license endorsed into FL and need to do a bunch of CEUs. I'm new to this mandatory CEU thing. I've used MedCEU.com in the past (just for my own amusement) and was happy with the content for the cost, but can't find out if they are approved by FL. I've emailed them three times, called twice, no response. Anyone know? How can you tell if any online provider is approved by FL? CE Broker just gives way too many results per search and I'm tired of trying to sift through all the hits.

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try RN.com, i know their HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and med error course are all up to the FL BON standards. my boyfriend and i both used this website when we endorsed from NC to FL.

good luck :)

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Thanks, I may end up using that one if I can't get any info on MedCEU (they have more course offerings). And for the life of me, I can't figure out when licenses are renewed here. It says "biannually," but not whether even or odd years.

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I am going for my first renewal. I think we will all be even years. I think I am going to use CEU Professor, cheap, 30. for unlimited CEU's (great selection),and I'm pretty sure they are accepted by FL. They even list the FL mandatory courses separately. But, one bit of advise I read somewhere we need to take a 3 hr HIV course the first time around. I'm planning on doing mine today, renewal up 4/0/09, nothing like last minute Annie! I have about 16 already, will take the 4hr HIV, 2hr Dom Vio and 2hr Med Error Prev. I'm going to get 26 hrs, just so I know I made the mandatory 24 hrs of CEU's. Hope this helps. Oh, also, I signed up with CE Broker for 30.00, they submit your CEU's to the board, notify you on how many you still need, etc. A great site IMO!

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I never did get any info from Med-CEU, so I've given up on them. I went with Allison's suggestion of RN.com and have found the CEU courses to be more interactive and engaging than what I was used to from Med-CEU. I did the $31.95 for unlimited CEUs for year. Good deal. But I just don't see the point of signing up with CE Broker for $30. I can keep track of CEUs myself. It's not mandatory, is it?

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nah, it's not mandatory to sign with CE broker, i think it's too expensive. whichever company you choose should automatically report your hours to them after you put in your license #. i'm not registered with them either, i'm just trying to make sure i keep printed copies of all my certificates with hours achieved and license # just incase they don't get them.

glad you like RN.com too. it was a good find for us :)

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Thanks for the response, but I've had my FL license for three years now. This is an old thread. :-)

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