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I am currently going to school for a non-RN bachelor's degree and I'm very interested in going back to school, after I graduate, for either a BSN or Entry-level Master's in Nursing. One of the biggest issues that I'm finding is my grades. I tried Nursing out when I first started college, but due to deaths in my family my grades weren't that great. I was wondering if I were to retake some of these courses and got an A in all of them, would that help boost my chances of getting into one of these programs? Also, would explaining why my grades weren't the best at first be helpful?

It depends on the school. Some only count your first attempt, and some will look at the higher grade, and then some will only look at your last attempt. You gotta figure out how the schools you're interested in work.

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I was in similar situation low GPA and poor numbers in prerequisites. I Enrolled at a community college and retook all prerequisite that was lower than an A and did well. And then applied to nursing school and got accepted.