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FIU interviews 2014


Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has been invited to interview at FIU this fall. I'm still waiting to hear back.

Hey, I've applied and am also waiting to hear from them. They stated that if you are applying for the DNAP Program you should hear about an interview in early August. If you are trying for the MSN you are most likely to hear from them around November. Good luck.

I chose to apply to the MSN. Good luck to you too! Ill post on here If I do hear back.

I just got an email this afternoon for and interview, I hope you did too Matyice

Hey Isaac, I received an email, as well. Very excited about the potential opportunity to go to this school :)

Yes I am excited as well, are you applying to the Masters program or Doctorate?

I applied to the doctorate program. With FIU's well regarded MSN program I jumped at the chance to apply for their doctorate track. It will be a cool thing to possibly be apart of their first graduating DNAP cohort.

That's great! I wish you the best of luck

Thank you. You, as well.

When are your interviews? I am going to be taking the GRE at the end of this month, and starting the application process for next year. I'd be very interested to know what the interview process is like, and what your applicaitons looked like. :)

Salutations, Interviews will be held Aug 18-22 both for the masters and doctorate programs. I have 10 months in a Level 2, 40 bed MICU/CICU. I am also a paramedic for 5 years. I have ACLS and BLS, and currently working on my CCRN certification. My GRE was not outstanding, 150/142 and 5 in writing. Good luck!

Hi guys! Congratulations on getting an interview!

Just wondering how your interviews went? How were the questions? I am interested in the program

I hope your interviews go well! Positive thoughts being sent your way :)

Thank you, Salutations. Seemed like they went well, but you never know. Haven't heard anything yet. I heard we would hear something by August 30th, but that is tomorrow, which is a Saturday. I'm not sure if anyone els has heard anything from them.

Hey Isaac, hope you got some good news yesterday or the day before. I was fortunate enough to get in along with some other people I know. Good luck. Keep us posted.

That's awesome, MatyIce! Congratulations.

Would you be willing to share anything about the interview experience or about your application stats? I just took the GRE, and scored a 161, 161. I'll have about a year and a half in the ICU by the time I apply, and an thinking about studying for the CCRN.

Salutations, your GRE score is outstanding. Take the CCRN and knock the interview out of the park and you should be fine. I had 3.7 last 60, 156/153, CCRN, 2 years CVICU. The interview was friendly. All the staff and SRNA's were very informative and welcoming. Questions ranged from scenario based on your background ICU experience to why you want to become a CRNA.


Specializes in MICU. Has 3 years experience.


You are in the DNAP program at FIU that started in Spring of 2015?