WORST NIGHT EVER!!! Will it ever end????

  1. I can't take it anymore!!! I love what I do and who I work with-personally that is....but as other nurses (not so sure). I work rotating days nights and weekend which does stink....but that is all we as new grads get. THEN for the last FOUR shifts I have had to double admit and every other nurse on the floor has not...or at least maybe one or two of them had to admit just once (and had admission team help them-but they were supposedly too busy to help me). But then last night was IT!!

    We have great ratios on a busy general peds floor (1:4 usually, and on super full nights it is 1:5) but last night we all had four pts...then the charge cancelled our PCT and brought in another nurse that was scheduled 11p-7a. Well...she MADE me give up one of my pts after I had just gotten an admission and give it to the new oncoming nurse (after asking her "friends" if they wanted to and they said no) then I had to get another admission which of course needed blood and etc...:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire

    All of this would not have been so bad but I had a six year old with strep throat...(yeah easy kid right?) that was literally hitting and kicking me, his mother, and any other nurse that came in the room because he didn't want his stupid PICC line in after we had already placed it (took five of us to hold him after 10 mg versed). I was in the room literally all night and the charge knew this and STILL MADE me take the new admit. Are they trying to push me to the brink? I had to have the house super, security, and the senior residents all come and try to take care of this situation because the mom was like "well this is just not working we just need to take the picc line out because he doesnt want it." EXCUSE ME...the kid is six and has had strep for SIX WEEKS!!! HE NEEDS IT!!! ANd...he is six who wants anything at six?

    Anyway this went on all night. The kid never went to sleep and then started jumping on the bed and throwing himself around the room and we finally had to have the house super sit with him all night (male figure did wonders). I would say it could have been a reaction to versed (except that this kid was like this LOOOONG before that).

    I am just sick of still farily new nurses, (just under two years) and some old treating new grads like crap and giving them horrible assignments even when they complain that they were treated that way when they started. Can we NOT break the cycle here? This is just crazy. Why when every other nurse has PLENTY of experience on that floor...(me and one other nurse with about 15 yrs experience had to give up our pts and she didn't have a new admit and then had to take another one ) do I get crapped on? Also....a few girls are out for maternity leave so now all the new grads are getting stuck on almost every weekend!!! We do have weekend requirements and we do schedule ourselves but they change it all the time and we never get what we wanted!!!

    ARGHHHHHHHHHHH. Sorry....just needed to vent. If you made it this far, thanks for listening!!!
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  3. by   pugmum
    Oh my gosh... sorry you had such a crummy night! It may sound trite, but trust that things will get better. What more can I say... :flowersfo. Hang in there!
  4. by   ColdFusion
    Sounds like hell.
    Talk to your Unit Mgr, tell her you're goin' nutz and need a BREAK. They need to stop dumping on you.

    Talk to her and if you don't get satisfied, start looking for another job, they're plenty of them out there!
  5. by   RainDreamer
    Oh wow, that sounds terrible!! I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time. That's awful that they dump on you like that and aren't supportive. You're a new grad that still needs lots of support from your co-workers .... that stinks that they're not giving you the support you need.

    Also, as a new grad, I can't imagine having to rotate days and nights! I oriented on days, but then i switched over to nights and that's what I do full-time now. I can't imagine having to switch from days to nights continuously. Being a new grad nurse is already so stressful .... you need to have a regular sleep pattern and you won't get that with the rotating schedule.

    If they can't give you more support and get you a better schedule, I would definitely start looking for something else. Not all places are going to make new grads work rotating schedules (I don't, and I just started in Sept.). Please do like the previous poster said and talk to your manager about this. I hope it gets better for you, there's no reason you should have to be going through this! (((((HUGS)))))
  6. by   HyperRNRachel
    1. You made it through the night!
    2. You did not post about leaving the situation screaming like a mad woman
    3. You know where to get support :blushkiss
    4. You have options if the situation does not get better

    You handled yourself well and that is something to be very proud of.

    Best wishes,