will i ever get this?

  1. Hi,
    I am starting on a floor I worked on before I graduated, it's a high intensity tele floor (at least I do know rhythyms). I have had two days of precepting.

    I felt really sorry for my preceptor- we were very busy and I slowed her down a lot. We had multiple drips/piggybacks on one patient- one after the other. Had to check compatibilities, ect. Any bathing, ect went out the window. And we had only two patients! The other was going for a procedure. Tons of charting!

    Will this get easier? I felt so lost!! Especially with the meds!
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  3. by   azor
    Despite the fact that you worked there before,your task now is different and you are trying to adapt to the real world of nursing so to me,i'll say that it is ok for you to see yourself being slow but i tell you,give yourself more time and you'll be happy on how comfortable you'll grow to be.You'll be fine ok.You are doing good if not for any other thing,you are good with reading the rhythms.Some pple that go into telemetry dont know it till after some time so give yourself kudos for that.Goodluck as you climb the ladder of nursing.
  4. by   Tweety
    Hang in there, it gets easier as time goes by, but there are always those crazy hectic days.