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  1. Good Morning!
    When is a good time to look for a job. I should graduate in may with a ASN.:spin:
    Just wondering...thanks for your help.
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  3. by   Imafloat
    Our school had a job fair our last quarter. I got a job on the unit I did my senior practicum at before I graduated. I would say that about half my class had a job before graduation.
  4. by   BVFD 333
    Thanks for your answere, would you say 2-3 month before graduation?
    Thanks again
  5. by   Imafloat
    Quote from BVFD 333
    Thanks for your answere, would you say 2-3 month before graduation?
    Thanks again
    I didn't know that I was going to be offered a job where I did my practicum so I started posting resumes and applying for positions about a month before graduating. I had interviewed and received 2 job offers before graduating. I am not sure of the nursing shortage where you live, but every single potential employer called to set up interviews the day after I applied. Best of luck to you!
  6. by   tessalynn
    If you are looking for an internship of some type, look early-they have deadlines that are a bit earlier than one might think (or at least here in Texas they did). I contacted the hospitals I was intreseted in over the summer, applied at the end of September/beg. of October, interviewed in October and was offered a job in November. We graduate on Saturday and as of now, I believe that all but two have accepted offers and the other two have interviewed and are just waiting. Good luck to you!! And remember that it is never too early to talk to a nurse recruiter or HR to get information.
  7. by   BVFD 333
    Thanks for your answers, congrats on graduation!!!!
  8. by   llg
    If you are graduating in May, I would be at least contacting the hospitals you are interested in working for over your holiday vacation. It's important to find out THEIR timetable for hiring new grads. Some hospitals have special internship programs for new grads that fill up early. Some only hire new grads during certain months of the year. For some, the timetable won't matter.

    The important thing is to find out from them what their recommended timetable. Don't assume that what worked for someone else last year in some other part of the country will be what your local hospitals want. Talk to them, get your name on their lists, etc. Let them know you are interested and ask them to tell you about their hiring preference.
  9. by   BVFD 333
    Thank you for your answers, I did call the nursing recruiter of a large hospital , but she was very short with me on the phone and did not really answere my questions. I guess she was to bussy that day .