What's next for the new grad?

  1. I'm a new grad nurse who was accepted into a residency program. In short, the nurses on my floor and my manager were pretty nasty and one of preceptors would accuse me of doing things I didn't. When I would tell my manager about these things, which included them making racist remarks, he'd side with the nurses, say really petty things to me (which they were known for), and refused to move me to a different floor. I've posted on here about this bad experience and was told by everyone and even people i know in real life, to leave as fast as I can because of how bad it was. I decided it would be the best decision to leave and have been looking for jobs since. So the hospital I worked at is owned by a big company in the midwest so they have other facilities. I was told that I would still be allowed to apply for jobs in the facility or any other one owned by this company as an internal employee within the next few weeks after I left, and after a specific date they would end my employment.

    I have seen some jobs this company has posted that i'd be interested in but have been reluctant to do so because of fear they would try to contact my old manager if they knew i've worked with them. Since I resigned during the orientation and wasn't actually assigned to a floor, would I still have to put that I was employed by this company before, if I applied for a job with them again? i've been told that I wouldn't have to put this incomplete orientation on my resume but if I put that I worked with them before, would I have to put that orientation on my resume? How likely would it be that they tried to contact my old employer? I'm just really traumatized from that whole experience and feel like I just need to leave it behind me but I feel like it will always be with me.
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    You'd need insider HR information to answer this question along with being able to read individual minds. Just apply. What do you have to lose? Look elsewhere though, too.
  4. by   cleback
    If you're applying to the same system, you should definitely disclose it. Otherwise, you will just surprise them when you pop up in an old hr file and you'll look dishonest.

    I'd focus on different systems for now for better luck. In the future, you may try hospital #1 again and just tell them the unit wasn't a good fit at the time and how things have changed, how much experience you've gained, and what you can contribute now, etc etc

    Sorry you're having a rough start. Hang in there. A nursing friend of mine was let go of her first job under crappy circumstances, worked in a nursing home, then applied to a different hospital. Now works in her preferred critical care specialty.
  5. by   RNaquarian
    Yeah it's just so difficult to find a job where I live and I feel like this company owns the majority of hospitals/medical facilities here. i'm definitely gonna apply elsewhere still but one of their other facilities has an OR offering where new grads can apply. That's what I wanted to do but UUUGH! This sucks just a weeee bit
  6. by   RNaquarian
    when they ask me to check off yes or no to whether ive worked there, I'll say yes, but does that mean that I should include it on my resume too?
  7. by   Sour Lemon
    Quote from RNaquarian
    when they ask me to check off yes or no to whether ive worked there, I'll say yes, but does that mean that I should include it on my resume too?
    I don't see the benefit of including it on your resume.
  8. by   ruby_jane
    First, you'll need to spin why you left the residency as positively as possible. It will do no good to say they were racist unless you have specifically documented instances written down somewhere.

    Don't use your old manger as a reference. The most that can be done "officially" is confirming your presence there.

    Now, unoficially of course, someone can call the old manager but legally if you've not given permission than anything that might be said would theoretically be slander. I mean, I know this happens but it's not supposed to. Is there somewhere else - anywhere else - you could work?

    Good luck.