Was it what you expected?

  1. When you graduated and got that first nursing job, was it what you expected ?? I'd love to hear others experiences .
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  3. by   J Lynn
    I would like to know too, being I'm at that point right now.
  4. by   Shed13911
    Yes, and that was more than a few years ago! LOL!! I worked as an agency nurse back in 1978 when I graduated with my LVN. All those years ago, they would let you do agency right out of school. I thought it was really good experience because I could test all the fields I was interested in and find the one that was right for me. I ended up in L&D after a few years and that was the love of my carreer. I now have my RN and now do peds.
  5. by   leraern
    I Graduated May 1, 2004 And I Work As A Gn On A Surgical/telemetry Floor At Cedars In Miami. And Let Me Tell You, It Is Definitely What My Instructors And Friends Warned Me About. This Is Nothing Like What They Tell You In School. Yesterday Was My First Day Out Of Orientation(yes, I Am Working Alone Now) And I Had Seven Patients. So, Yes It Is Everything I Expected And Then Some. Everyone Told Me School And Real Life Are Different And They Were Right. I Take My Boards On Saturday, The 19th, I Hope I Pass. But Working And Getting The Experience Has Been Cool.