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which is more effective when it comes to applying for a job? just go directly to the HR or apply online? i tried speaking with a NM but they told me to apply online. are all job vacancies are... Read More

  1. by   spongebob6286
    Quote from truern
    Let me put it this way: I heard back from HR about my online application AFTER I'd already been hired and was actually in the new grad fellowship for a month!!

    I always advise going in person and maybe, just maybe, you'll get an on-the-spot interview.

    Just seems better to have a face to put with the name, ya know?
    good for you! congrats!
  2. by   michellers1982
    I usually walk in and apply for jobs. Half the time when I do that they want to interview me on the spot anyway so I think it works out better...plus I think they realize you're more serious about a job that way.