USC RN Residency Program for Sept. 2018

  1. Hey guys! I wanted to start this thread to keep everyone updated!

    also, i have a question about the on their website there's two different links where you can apply to either the ICU or med/surg/telemetry unit but can we apply to both? i already applied to ICU and I would like to apply to the other unit as well but when i completed the ICU application, it asks for which two units you would like to work on and it included the med/surg/telemetry unit too so i'm a little confused and i don't want to risk eliminating my app because i applied twice...
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  3. by   kevin418
    I saw some of your other posts about reapplying for the NCLEX. what did you use to study? how long did it take for you to retest?
  4. by   BlueHearts53
    hello kevin418! the first time i took the nclex i used kaplan. kaplan is basically practice exams and videos that are like powerpoint presentations you can watch. even though kaplan was a pretty good site for me to study from, i prefer uworld much more because of the pictures they provided instead of helped me learn and study a lot more. it really depends on your study habits and whether you get more from videos or pictures, etc. uworld also had practice exams you can take. i also studied from two books....the prioritization, delegation and assessment book which really helped me and the saunders book which gave me background knowledge on cardiac, neuro, etc. i def recommend those books if you can and in the saunders book focus on the main systems that are mentioned the most on the nclex. in terms of how long it took me to retest, there were some problems that i went through that made me wait for months for my ATT and it took me forever to reach to turned out my email address was incorrect in their systems (which was really frustrating tbh because i just wanted to retake my exam). i took my first exam in july and took it again in december. it should take you around one month to get your ATT. i hope this helps!
  5. by   Cheers_G
    Don't use too many materials - that can get confusing! I recommend first of all studying throughout school, so you don't have to learn too many new things as you study. Get the Kaplan's question database - NCLEX format is the closest to Kaplan. Get the Uworld database for studying, their explanations are great, in fact I stopped using books because Uworld provided me with all the info regarding the questions. I opened the OB book a few times and read the highlighted info, peds milestones and developmental stuff, med.surg signs and symptoms of most common diseases. Other than that just did questions. Passed first time with 75 questions. Good luck!