Transition from CNA to LVN, Hard for me!! (m)

  1. Not so much the duties of nurse, but the delegating to the CNA's! I have worked on my floor as 3 years and was a CNA for 4 years before I graduated. So it's so hard for me to ask the CNA's to do stuff I know that I am able to delegate and instead I find myself doing most everything, except the baths. On our floor if the nurse has 5 patients, then we get to choose 3 of them for the CNA to do care on including baths, ambulating, taking to the bathroom etc. Well I find it hard to ask an aide to get someone on or off the bed pan or take the to the bathroom, even if I am justifiably busy. I think part of it is because the CNA's all joked with me when they found out I passed boards and would be transitioning that I wasn't going to be "one of those mean nurses who puts everything off on the Aids" Now I am not sinking or anything, but it's been 7 weeks now and I still have trouble asking for help.

    Any thoughts??
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  3. by   cmarsh333
    I know how you feel. You need to remember you can always help them but they cannot help you with certain tasks. Unfortunately "in the real world of nursing" pt care from nurses doesn't happen much. You have to finish what NEEDS to be done on time such as: Meds, labs, charting, assessments, rounds etc. Things the CNA's cannot do. ANd yes the transition is difficult but also remember you are ultimately respsonsible for the pt and if something isn't done who will management come to? Think about it. Good luck,i am sure things will come easier.