Transistion from student to Nurse.

  1. I will be graduating in December from an ADN nursing program, my question is, does any one have any advice how make the transistion from a student nurse to a practicing nurse easier? Many Thanks!!
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  3. by   pharmgirl
    Take advantage of your preceptor every chance you get when you start working. Watch, listen and learn. Ask lots of questions. Don't expect to know everything...ah heck, don't expect to know even 1/2 of what you will learn. Remember your basics and don't sacrafice your principles. Keep out of the negativism and stay positive. Recognize who you can trust to answer your questions correctly and who will be there to help you when you need it. Its a scarey thought when you walk onto the floor the first time and you realize that you ARE the nurse. When that patient yells "can you please send my nurse"..thats YOU, its scarey. You CAN do this, you were educated to do this, you are good at this. If you doubt yourself, surround yourself with those you can trust.

    We never stop learning, I think that is the biggest and best advice I can give. Every day we learn something new. At the end of every day, while walking to your car, think "what did I do well today?" "what can I do better tomorrow?". We are always evolving. Enjoy the first steps of your next journey!!
  4. by   classicdame
    do not make the assumption you know it all. You know a lot, but you will never know it all. With that in mind, do not beat yourself up for NOT knowing it all. The first year is frustrating - consider it a rite of passage.
  5. by   2CareerRN
    pharmgirl wrote my words...great advice.

    During your transition, keep an eye out for a potential mentor. My mentor is someone I trust and has been in nursing for many years, she has helped me more then I can say.

    Good luck!
  6. by   ngarth
    I think it takes some time for successfull transition from a student to nurse.
    Does anybody agree on that?
  7. by   NM nurse to be
    Thanks for this post!! I will be graduating as an LPN next week! I was going to post something similar and here it is THanks pharmgirl, that was really helpful!

    Good luck to you, Shadowrunner, I bet you'll be an awesome nurse!
  8. by   AtomicWoman
    Realize you won't be able to do everything right off the bat, and you'll be slow at some tasks. Don't beat yourself up for it. I agree, the mentor and/or preceptor can really make the transition easier (or harder, if they are not a good preceptor!). Remember your school training gave you a way to think, and you'll always have that, no matter what the task. Remember, basics really are important! Take your time and think things through. Smile as much as possible, even when you are nervous inside. Every day, I think to myself, "I am going to learn something great today". That gives me a mental framework for starting my day, and I've been surprised how much that little saying can influence my ability to be calm and take things as they come. As others have said, ask questions. Lots of them! If you find a nurse who doesn't like your questions or sighs, move on and find someone who can answer them in a patient way. Never pretend you know something you don't; your patients depend on you to do the right thing for them.

    P.S. Every once in a while, look down at your ID badge, see the "RN" after your name, take a deep breath and smile. You made it!