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  1. Hi! A little background on me...I graduated with my RN last May. Right before graduation, my mother committed suicide. A month later my father had an MI and I somehow finished school. A few months after graduation, I moved out of state to be near my father and siblings. It was months before I could concentrate enough to study for the NCLEX. I didn't take it until October and thankfully, I passed. Since then I have been having problems with depression & anxiety that have held me back from seeking out a nursing job. I felt I needed to be in a better emotional space before embarking on such a stressful endeavor. Has anyone else taken time off after school for any reason? Did it hinder your getting hired? Did you feel like you forgot too much? I feel like the longer I let it go, the harder it has become to get out of this slump. Plus my anxiety problems are worrying me as I know starting out in nursing is already a very anxiety-producing situation for most. I feel like I might not be able to hack it on a med-surg floor right now, but I know it's hard to find jobs in other areas without med-surg exp. and everyone says you should start there. Any suggestions? Sorry I know this post is a little befuddled.
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    I am so sorry you had to go through such traumatic are an inspiration to us all.........the courage and strength that you have is amazing. My bf passed away this past december. He was only 23 years old and he was a new nurse.......Words cannot describe the unbearable pain and sadness.....His funeral was a week and a half b4 I was to start my final semester in my BSN program. Then in March, my dad was hospitalized for a week because of his HTN and problems....he couldnt keep his BP down, it was dangerously high...this was during the week of comps.I managed to make it and graduate with was extremely difficult. I am not sure if I am ready either to plunge into nursing.......I do have a job on medsurg/tele that starts on june 12th. Havent gotten a board date yet, I imagine it will be midjuly when I take NCLEX. I have problems with depression now.......I'm not sure how I will deal with my job and NCLEX. I try to pray, take vitamins (for health, not the there Tom Cruise!), exercise, rest........that sort of thing.It's not easy......I feel that I can take NCLEX and pass.........I'm mostly afraid of the stress and crying I so often hear new nurses talking about.....I know that my bf would've wanted me to finish.........that inspires me. But it hurts like crazy......I just take it one day at a time......I cant say I understand what you are feeling since our losses are different but the pain is the I can relate. Do what feels right.........let your heart guide you.
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    I'm sorry you've gone through so much. Good luck.
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    I wish you the very best.

    Many people turn their noses up at the very thought of working long-term care, rehab, or home health, but many RNs are needed in those areas (and they tend to have a slower pace). It's something to think about.