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  1. I am MUCH better now; however, I need your help. As most of you know, I did the Kaplan review before I failed NCLEX, so now what do I need to do. Should I try the NCSBN review, buy the Saunders Comprehensive? Any advice will be appreciated and taken into serious consideration. Thanks
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  3. by   hllybenn
    Do as many questions as you can a day. I did 6500 questions over ten weeks. I started at 50-100 a day and then went up to about 200 a day. Get as many different resources as you can because some are too easy and some are more reaslistic. Ask your friends for their books and CDs.
  4. by   theblondeone
    I never tried Kaplan, so I don't know anything about it. I used Saunders, mainly the cd, and really liked it. Keep the faith!!
  5. by   gij1
    Did you do the in class review or online? Did you study the book from front to back, reviewing each system, taking each test, studying each question why you got correct or not. The online review has tons of lectures to listen to. You must keep studying + taking practice tests for hours daily. Sleep, eat, and breath studying for NCLEX for a few weeks, take the test, and i bet you will do just fine.
  6. by   RNIAM
    I used the saunders book and it worked for me.
  7. by   ADNCyn
    Here's how I ranked NCLEX-RN reviews, I got 263, I think or was it all 265? I remembered my very last question and checked that it was right...Anyway, I owe much to these reviews in the following order:
    #1 Springhouse, NCLEX-RN Review 3000
    #2 Sandra Smith's,NCLEX-RN Review
    #3 Saunder's Q&A Review
    #4 Kaplan, Test Trainer cd-rom

    All God's best, and GO FOR IT!!!
  8. by   rjflyn
    Personally I am of the believe one can study too much. If you just got your results back you have alot on your mind. Diving head first back in to studying may work for some but not all. If thats what you feel like you need to do the do it.

    My advice would be since you cant take the test again for at least what is it 90 days - take some time off. Give your self time to clear your head. Take a week or two to reflect on things. Then try one of the practice tests online or that come on CD to see where you stand. Who knows you may do very well. At the least this may tell you where your true weaknesses are, you may get a false result just because of total information overload it can happen.

    Another thing to sudents out there waiting to test, when my class graduated and tested several years ago more failed that tested before me than did after. It was about a month after we graduated. My theory is as above I think the just had too much on their minds.

    Dont be in such a hurry to test and pass boards. It took you 2-5 or 6 years to graduate and your going to be a nurse for dozens of years so whats the rush.

    Good luck you will pass and will be an excellent nurse.

  9. by   chrysalus1003
    I have heard many many good things about this CD. Can I get it at places like Books A Million?

    Thanks so much
  10. by   ADNCyn
    Hmmm... not really sure, I got mine from Majors Bookstore...Keep me posted on how the search for it goes, and we'll take it from there.
  11. by   ADNCyn
    And...BTW...after I left from the test center and was convinced I failed...I started opening back up the books/cd-roms to prepare to take it in 45 days, because I was determined to keep my mind on the test to better prepare for it if I had failed. I know you are a strong person, and I admire your tenacity and your determination to follow through with your dreams... a ^5 to you!!!
  12. by   leraern
    I Sort Of Agree With Rjflyn, I Was In A Hurry To Take Boards Listening To Other People. But When I Really Looked At It, I Wasn't Ready. I Intially Scheduled My Test For May 22nd. Then, I Posponed It Until June 19th. Boy, Was I Glad I Did That. I Went Back And Did More Practice Questions. And I Am Convinced That Helped Alot. You Said You Used Kaplan, Well I Read The Book (the $35.00 One), And To Be Honest, It Didn't Help Me At All. I Used Saunders, Lippincott, Nclex 3000 Disk, Mosby's Flash Cards, And Princeton's Review. Its Good To Use Different Resources Because You Get A Good Variety Of Questions.. I Do Agree, However, That You Do Take Some Time To Clear Your Head.. Relax For A Week Or Two, Do Some Things That You Couldn't While In School. Then, Come Back With A Different Approach To Studying. But Do Try To Do As Many Questions As Possible. Borrow Books If Other People You Know Have Them, Thats What I Did. And, I Wish You Luck On Your Next Attempt At The Exam.