1. I was extremely worried last week. I have been using the Saunder Comprehensive Review and CD ROM .

    I also signed up for the online review course that is by the NCSBN website. I have been testing in the mid 70s with saunders but in the low 50s - mid 60s with NCSBN.

    I kept doing questions all week ( about 400-600 per day) and today i went back to the NCSBN site and took 4 more tests....

    I scored in this order...60, 63, 73, 80!
    In Saunders I am now scoring in the high 80s - mid 90s....

    I definately see an improvement....let's hope it is enough for NCLEX......

    I am taking the exam Monday morning so i guess i will get results by Wed.....

    I will continue doing questions until about 7pm on Sunday and then I will take a bath and relax, say alot of prayers and get to bed early....

    Wish me LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Take a deep breath, sit back and look at each question carefully without rushing.

    Good luck!!

  4. by   fourbirds4me
    From another post.....

    I have several friends who are doing Kaplan and I am hearing the same complaints from them. Somehow I think Kaplan wants you to doubt your ability.... (then you are more dependant on them). One friend is getting 58-64 on their practice tests but is getting 73-78 on say Saunders. I took one of their practice test and got 68% on most other I've been scoring above 75... Who knows...

    Don't doubt yourself!

    I think this may apply to many of the paid "reviews"
  5. by   PremmieRN
    That is about what i was ranging when i took NCLEX. Have confidence in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!
  6. by   fairyprincess2003
    Good luck I will keep my fingers crossed. One of my friends just passed a few days ago!!!!
  7. by   RN2B~MAY4ME
    Is anyone else taking the exam on June 30th....(Monday)???
  8. by   fourbirds4me
    For those of you taking your test today..... GOOD LUCK!!! Let us know how it went!
  9. by   kiddoRN
    Good luck to everyone taking it ...... here's hoping for good news on Wednesday when your results come in.
  10. by   PennyLane
    I've got my fingers crossed for you!! Let us know how it went!
  11. by   RN2B~MAY4ME
    Well....it's over.....and it was hard...mostly priority type questions...like which pt would you see first....no new format....

    the lady at pearson told me to check tonight for results....she said they are usually posted same day, even though they tell you to wait 2 days..

    has anyone else gotten the results same day?

    By the way....i went to 175 questions......3hours....and no idea whether i passed or not....it's truly 50/50 ......i will go to pray now....

  12. by   nadia562002
    Its over now. 88 questions. I am so happy. Went to my best friends house to share. I could not sleep at all last night. Just happy. Now what to do with myself.
  13. by   redwinggirlie
    Someone told me I needed to remember to breathe when I took the exam. They were right. Relax and take your time. Eat a good meal beforehand, but nothing greasy! Wear clothes that are loose and comfy (sweats are great) and bring a light jacket.
    Sit at that computer just like you're doing right now, like you have been during practice. After all, it's just another bunch of questions you're going to do your best at, right?
    I know it's much more, I was just trying to be light. Take it easy, you will be fine.
  14. by   Angelica
    I took the exam on Wednesday and checked on Thursday evening, but the results weren't in yet. I had to wait till Friday.