taking my boards on 9/13

  1. taking my boards on the 13th alot of my classmates took the boards all but one passed then she retook them and passed but I am nervous:
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  3. by   theblondeaggie
    i'm in the same boat. i have to take mine on the 23rd and i couldn't be any more nervous!!! i just got a new job too, so i'd hate to do poorly on the test and not be able to take it for 90 days, thus losing my job!! i'm sure you'll do fine on it, just practice practice practice!! are you using any kind of study guide for it? how did your other classmates say it was? good luck!!!

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  4. by   jenrn2006
    Good luck to you! I take mine on the 29th and am already experiencing insomnia!!! Many of my classmates have taken it and have passed; I haven't heard of any who have failed.

    Just remember to treat every question seriously, whether it's #1 or #250! I know that as the questions go on & on; its easy to just "want to get it overwith". Take a break if you need to clear your mind--then start back with the confidence you had when you answered the first question!

    I took the Kaplan review course in school. I also bought two other books from Kaplan; one being all questions. I'm hoping that it will build my confidence for NCLEX. I graduated on July 21st and some days I wonder if I remember anything from Nursing school. I also start work full-time on Wed; so my studying time will be limited to eves/weekends.

    I think the most important thing to do is have confidence in yourself. You got through Nursing school; which was no easy feat------have faith in yourself!!!!!!!
  5. by   c15th01
    dont forget to breath! board exam, you must be focus! concentrate well! pray! God bless
  6. by   jenrn2006
    A classmate of mine just emailed to say she passed with 75 questions, mostly about isolation & priority. Not one med question---sounds like my dream test!!!
  7. by   c15th01
    thats great!
  8. by   doobey
    Hello fellow RNs to be! I take boards on 9/22. I am so nervous. Any suggestions? I have a book called exam cram and kaplan. Best of wishes to all!!!!
  9. by   lifeLONGstudent
    Took mine today 9-13-06 at 0800..... test cut off at 75 questions, walked out of the testing center 65 minutes after I signed in.

    Isn't it ironic how you can sweat through nursing school for 2 yrs (I did an accelerated BSN in 15 months, had a previous degree).... pay LOADS of money for the education and about $300 for the NCLEX and it all comes down to one little test that took me about an hour. That just seems wrong! No wonder we work ourselves up over this crazy test.... and you know, some of those questions, I don't think there was a right answer. I think they should change the question prompt to state "Please pick the LEAST WRONG FREAKIN ANSWER"......

    Since I was one of the 75-club, I wonder how many people have failed or known of others who failed after a 75 question test. What do you think are the odds?

    I think I either need a drink or some ice cream