Taking a job in a unit you don't really want - page 2

I applied for L&D, NICU, PICU-got a NICU interview. Didn't get the job. So now, I was told there are no openings in any pedi type unit (what i really want to do) so I had my application sent on to... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    I think the original poster should hold out for the job she wants, or take a job in pediatrics.

    My experience in my umpteen years of nursing........I was told to start in med/surg.....every place continues to stick me in med/surg. Their excuse? We are only hiring EXPERIENCED Mother/Baby nurses, or EXPERIENCED L&D nurses.

    Well.......how the hell does a nurse become EXPERIENCED except by training and opportunity to learn in the specialty of their choice? We aren't BORN with the experience.

    Do NOT allow the hospital recruiters to steer your career for you. Steer it yourself! Take charge from the beginning. Don't settle!
  2. by   Tony35NYC
    Couldn't agree more with the last post on this thread. I just quit my job as a tech/intern at a hospital that promised me a preceptorship in the ICU (which is what I really want) then switched me to Telemetry. I've been told that many hospital recruiters use this bait and switch tactic. They promise you the sun, moon, and stars to convince you to take the position and later you find out that it was just a trick to enable them to fill the positions that they nobody wants. I won't let them push me into anything I don't want to do. It would have been a good idea for me to try to get another tech position in a hospital but I opted for an easy part-time sales job instead. The money is much better and at least I have time to spend with my family and to study for the NCLEX. I feel confident enough with the 6+ months of experience I got in the ICU that I can pick up where I left off after I finish with NCLEX and I'm ready for a real ICU preceptorship, not as a tech but as an RN.

    Keep looking for what you really want. There are opportunities out there.